Contact Center

TransData’s Contact Center services are focused on key industries with strong consumer business. We understand that no matter what industry you are in, each client’s needs are different. Perhaps you require a 24/7 solution with a guaranteed 100% uptime, or a 9-5 solution that combines voice with SMS/text messaging, Email Support, social media, and online chat.
Our Contact center team will work with you to fully understand your brand, and the needs of your customers, in order to ensure the best customer experience imaginable.

Customer Service

Customer Service involves putting systems in place to maximize your customers’ satisfaction with your business. Great customer experiences require use of the platform preferred by the customer. Some folks prefer picking up a phone, some prefer posting to social media, while others prefer email.

Let’s talk about your customers’ needs and preferences, and tailor a holistic, cross-platform strategy for your brand.

Customer Sales

Customer Sales is a crucial element of business success. Every contact your customers have with your business is an opportunity for you to improve your reputation with them and increase the likelihood of further sales.

From your telephone manner to the efficiency of your order-fulfillment systems, almost every aspect of your business affects the way your customers view your business. But there are also specific programs you can put in place to increase your levels of customer sales.

Email Support

Maintaining continuous and uninterrupted communication with your clients is essential for the success of your customer relationship efforts. Presently, Email remains one of the primary means of non-voice communication for businesses. This is where TransData comes in, We provide cost-effective email support outsourcing services to companies and organizations for their various business, customer care and marketing activities.

We have the resources, the expertise, and the skilled personnel to deliver email support services to our clients and empower your brand building.

Live Chat Support

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How does this look on your website?

Unleash the Power of Live Chat with TransData. TransData bridges the gap between businesses and their website visitors. Our real-time online customer support helps our clients increase their ROI and provide their valued customers with a memorable online experience. We go the extra mile to guarantee exceptional quality customer support. We know this business inside and out.

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