Discover the Most Practical Contact Verification System

When your contact data isn’t clean, precise, and reliable, the effects are far-reaching. TransData’s CVS platform is built on an open source technology with all the bells and whistles such as the Admin, Verification, QA and Customer Portal and most of all data security. The solution is built with keeping our customer needs in mind for all near real time reporting and monitoring of their data.
The CVS platform extends its offering to import and export data by simply importing a CSV file or directly integrating into the Contact Verification System.

High Level Features:

ü  The platform provides a complete workflow for all your B2B Data Verification needs

üCVS has a robust real time status tracking of your current data

üTechnology Infused Platform that also helps you manage your B2B contact data better

ü Purify, merge, health scan, standardize and normalize all your data

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