A Comprehensive Content Management Platform

No Matter what industry your business belongs to, you face the age old challenge of your company’s content management — it could be as simple as managing assets or inventory of an online POS Hardware shop, or as advanced as how to integrate the enormous amount of content of a large retailer that needs to be published with an ecommerce platform.
TransData has developed a comprehensive Content Management Solution. This ‘end-to-end’ solution was developed to handle Content Management needs as simple as maintaining a gift shop, to large complicated requirements for Marketers’ that may need to leverage content from multiple sources and bring it all together in the context of a campaign or brand story.
The ability to aggregate product information and brand content from multiple sources in real time, tie it together systematically and then use it to drive user cases such as “related content” or “similar content” is another key differentiator of TransData’s Content Management System.

High Level Features:

1. Digital planning and asset acquisition
Create, buy or search for assets.

2. Digital asset ingestion and storage
Created or purchased assets are uploaded into a common Digital Asset Management system, associated with folders and metadata for use by content management workers.

3. Web content management
Create templates and assemble content into components or pages. Also where run the review and approval workflow, version content and create multiple versions for different form factors.

4. Content publishing and delivery
Select the subset of the content that will be deployed at a given time.
The system can be implemented expeditiously and has shown dramatic results in customer user experience and cost reduction while delivering value and satisfaction to our clients.


Would rather have someone else do it for you?

TransData is a Technology infused company and we strongly believe in optimizing our manual processes to serve our customers better. Our CMS is also a creation of our BPO service where a team of professionals work together and help our customers elevate their capacity to work with large amount of content in a unified and effective manner.
TransData not only provides it’s CMS proprietary tool as a service but our customers leverage our expertise when it comes to data searching, data repository, Image resizing, and pushing data onto multiple e-commerce platforms using a combination of FTE’s and CMS.

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