Management Team

Mian Ali

Founder and Chairman

Mian Ali founded TransData in 2003 and remained CEO till 2016. Meticulously working towards his vision to establish and promote a company which would be extensive in all respects whether in terms of office working environment or with regards to customer service, he was able to grow TransData from a two staff company to 700+ professional team members and multi-million dollars in revenues.

Holding Chairman position presently, he also heads the Ideas and Venture team at TransData which is focused on supporting young founders and startups with their ideas, social impact, developing strategies and achieving operational efficiencies to maximize their value.

Being an entrepreneur he also founded two other companies which are established and profitable businesses now. Mian Ali is also an active philanthropist overseeing a Family run NGO; IRS Foundation. The foundation is actively involved in poverty relief programs and education.

Mian M. Kashif


Kashif is working as a CFO at Transdata, having 10 years of accounting and auditing experience, and further 10 years at the management level. His experience includes conducting due diligence exercises, business valuation, business sale/acquisition negotiations, preparing and analyzing financial statements along with the restructuring, and management of several accounting departments.

His different ideas have helped the company with stabilized financial conditions, with steady financial growth since its inception.

Farhan Ali

VP E-Commerce

Farhan brings with him 15 years of experience and plays a central role in building and implementing eCommerce systems,  as an expert with supporting existing customers especially in Salesforce Cloud commerce, Farhan has proven himself as a visionary. At TransData, he has a major contribution towards establishing a center of excellence for eCommerce and corporate strategy, driving TransData towards growth, best practices and positive organizational development. He has a Computer engineering background and multiple years’ experience in working with several eCommerce retailers in US. Closely engaged in building in-house and offshore development teams while establishing a development process for small to large complex integrations.

Nabeel Arif

VP Sales & Marketing

Nabeel brings with him 14 years of experience and plays a central role in heading the Sales and Marketing effort at TransData. Nabeel has a major contribution towards aligning the corporate strategy and has been a driving force towards the growth, process improvement and a positive organizational development. He is an IT graduate from Curtin University Australia with majors in Business and Information Technology.

Nabeel has led sales operations in both US and Asia Pac.  His current focus is the corporate side of the business i.e. contracts, planning and strategy.

Usman Khalid

Director of Operations

Usman is a founding member of Transdata team, his love for Information Technology and Marketing skills opens up new horizons for Transdata. As a founding member of Transdata Usman brings in the skills of Customer Support, Information Technology Support, and Application Development . Over the years, his research and implementation has helped Transdata to build a powerful team of committed professionals.

Usman is a Software Engineer by profession, and before Transdata he worked for large national organizations like PTCL, AOS and Interactive Groups. Usman oversee our IT Operations & Application Development Team. His diverse experience helps him play a vital role in Transdata Operations, that are not limited to above mentioned Areas.

Faisal Hassan Chatha

Senior Manager – Corporate Sales and Marketing

Faisal joined the Transdata team in 2016, bringing over 12 years’ of experience driving strategic sales growth and product visibility for leading companies in U.S., Middle East, and Pakistan. He is a Michigan Tech Graduate who is highly competitive, passionate, persuasive and articulate. Before joining Transdata, he has worked in large BPO companies across the country.

Faisal oversees our South East Asian business development team. His future aims include to grow with Transdata and contribute to its global vision and strategies.