LAHORE, PAKISTAN–(December 29th , 2016)

TransData is excited to announce the acquisition of a full service BPO  Company ‘Mezzi Marketing’.

Mezzi Marketing is also a Lahore based Customer Service and Contact Center Firm that has served over 100  accounts in the North American region. TransData has added all of Mezzi Marketing’s Team to their full time operation centers in Johar Town and Waris Road Facilities.

Negotiations began earlier this year, and the acquisition of Mezzi Marketing attests to TransData’s 2017 strategic growth strategy in critical markets, notably North America and Europe.

“We are excited about this opportunity,” states Mian Ali, Chairman, TransData, Inc. “We initially started conversations with The Company with intentions of enlisting The Company as a vendor for our services. After developing a relationship with the Founder Ali Nadeem, it became clear to both of us that an acquisition was in both parties’ best interest. This helps us in many ways. It gives us better control over our services and offerings in our backyard, giving us the ability to develop a success story for the rest.

“We would like to thank all the vendors, partners and stakeholders for the support and confidence in the TransData Brand. 2017 will prove to be a very good year for all involved,” states Nabeel Arif, TransData’s VP Sales and Marketing.

“We had to get our economics right, while making sure, everyone associated with Mezzi Marketing was well compensated and well placed. The decision was seamlessly executed and I hope it will benefit us in the same way as we have anticipated,” stated Ali Nadeem, Founder Mezzi Marketing.

About TransData
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