Company Overview

17+ Years of Experience

TransData was created to build strong relationships with any company in search of a little operational help, but over time we have found more ways to help while maintaining quality and a reliable partnership with our clients. We initiated TransData with a team of three people in 2003, and have expanded over the years to assist other growing businesses in areas that we specialize in. Whether it be the unique experiences of E-commerce services or maintaining a strong online presence through digital marketing, managed IT services with full implementation or software outsourcing services, customer service outsourcing, or virtual assistant services, we have got it all covered. We are proud to be the stepping stones needed for your businesses to thrive, and through our efforts, we are determined to change the traditional business environment to contemporary and innovative business models.

Some statistics

Take a look at our overall performance chart along with customer satisfaction during the last two decades.


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Our Core Values That Make Us Professional

We think it is important to create an emphasis on client interaction to better assist all types of businesses in any way we can find. While making sure that there is no concern or detail left unaddressed, our team of experts works together to build a unique plan of strategies to help solve any problems or concerns that may get in the way of your business’ growth. Most importantly you decide what kind of assistance we provide so you get exactly what's needed.

This is what we value at TransData:

Quality Services

Aside from our team of professionals, we are equipped with technology that we utilize to analyze your problems, solve software issues, or even assist with design innovation.

Seamless Workflow

We work with a process specially designed to guarantee satisfactory solutions for ideal business growth as well as current needs.

Inventive Mindset

We are the avant-garde in everything we do! We commit to employing people who craft unprecedented strategies and produce groundbreaking outcomes.

Dependable & Committed

We believe in building high-value, long-term relationships with our clients. We connect, explore, create, and grow together.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop and maintain ourselves as a world-class organization that promotes employee empowerment and focuses on customer retention with confidence and quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to remain a world-class entrepreneurial, diversified, and socially active as well as responsible company that provides high-quality value-added services within promised time to our customers.

Our Leadership

Our team consists of Experienced, Technical and Strategic talent.

Mian Ali

Founder and Chairman

Ali Nadeem

Sr. Vice President

Aftab Ahmed Khan

General Manager

Mian M. Kashif

Chief Finance Officer

Usman Khalid

Director Operations

Nabeel Arif

VP Sales & Marketing