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Welcome To TransData Recruitment

Despite its significance, most companies pay rather little attention to culture, just letting it evolve. This is completely incompetent, since aggressively managing and developing culture via recruitment can enormously improve employee retention and execution. This directly influences organization’s success and enhances lead generation.
Established in 2003, TransData aims to become a ‘headhunter’ in seeking out qualified candidates and finding them right placements in organizations having vacant roles.
Our panel of recruiters has the capability to perform complete management and implementation of any knowledge-based process as well as cater to client’s needs. Our services include recruiting, interviewing, skill assessment, and matching of personnel to the exact customer-specified job descriptions.




Recruitment Services

Specialized project-based hiring

Access to a vast pool of industry professionals through our exhaustive database

Tailored solutions designed to meet specific hiring needs

Finding the desired resource from a diverse market right on time

Why TransData

For companies that may not have sufficient space for either; to spare for the purpose of hunting and screening job applications- TransData offloads your hiring needs!

For Employers

  • Technical evaluations by TransData’s recruitment experts
  • Finding the right talent with the perfect skill-set
  • Suitable candidate selection in quick turn-around time

For Job Seekers

  • CV and cover letter advice
  • Expert interview coaching
  • Constructive feedback from each interview and employer
  • Specialist advice for your chosen field
  • Being put forward for any relevant roles that come up

If you have a need for customized Model, please feel free to contact us at contact@transdata.biz