How has Customer Service Evolved over the Years? A Journey from Then to Next Gen

With the introduction of new products and services in the market, customer expectations are increasing rapidly and rightly so. When you have so much to offer, customers have the right to expect more – both in terms of the products and the customer service as well. Customers of today’s generation are more vocal and do not hesitate in sharing their views no matter if they are positive or negative. In the past, customer service used to be all about attending calls and providing answers to the questions of customers. However, today, customer service has changed completely. A lot of new trends in customer service have been introduced in the past couple of years and the change continues to be seen in this industry. The major reason for the evolution of customer service is because of the growing use of the internet that started from the early 2000s. Today, the number of internet users has crossed 55% of the world population which is huge and the figure will increase in the next few years.

The landscape of customer service has changed over the years – courtesy of a lot of factors and more awareness is on top of them. Let’s take a look at how customer service has transformed to a whole new level:

Number of Channels

In the very beginning, there used to be only one channel of communication i.e. telephone. The customers used to call businesses to know Today, there are multiple ways in which customers can interact with companies. The biggest reason for this increment in communication channels is the advancement of technology. From phones, chat, the web to social media; technology has changed the dynamics of customer engagement and how customers used to give feedback to the companies. The other side of the coin suggests that the advancements in technology have also benefited companies. They are able to answer all the queries efficiently and effectively. Here the businesses can also utilize their own ideas like sending handwritten messages or letters. Going old school can also come in handy and attract a larger proportion of customers. It is all about reaching out to the customers and maintaining your position in their minds.


Let’s face it – customers don’t like to be treated anonymously and want to hear personalized messages with proper greetings. This is the reason why the Google Doodle shows Happy Birthday on your birthday if you have your Gmail account signed in. More than 76% of customers believe that customer service is a representation of how a business values them. Furthermore, 66 percent of customers believe that customer service is the biggest spending motivator. Not only in developed countries but even the customers from underdeveloped countries are fully aware of how the customer service works these days. They like to be treated with respect and with small gestures, the customers feel being respected. Small birthday messages or wishes on different occasions can really make a difference. All of this is possible because customer service of this era is more flexible and personalized than it was ever before. With the use of data and analytics, companies are able to provide enhanced customer services. For example, taking into account all the customer information including purchase history and demographics, customer service representatives are able to offer personalized services to customers. It is also worth mentioning that the companies that invest in customer service generate more than 60% revenue than usual. It is simply a way to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors the results of which reflect directly in the cash flows.


While talking about the evolution of customer service; today, it is much more dynamic and adaptive as compared to the past. Previously, the entire process was linear and static. The process itself was the main reason for delayed answers and bad customer experience. Gone are the days when customer service representatives used to follow a set-pattern to offer solutions to their customers. In today’s competitive and fast-paced environment, customers are not in a mood to listen to scripts. They want instant and straightforward answers to their questions. There is absolutely no need to follow strict patterns or procedures – simply providing answers to customer queries can be good enough in a friendly tone. If your business does not require maintaining a professional tone, then there is no point in doing so. A casual tone can do the trick at times. It all depends on the skill of the support agent to assess the customer and mold his speech accordingly. With some minor training, the agents can be trained in this regard. However, during the sales season like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas, hiring a professional chat support company is the best and feasible option to cater to the requirements of the customers.

Goodwill Management

One of the core objectives of providing customer services is to establish a good reputation in the market. In the past, the attitude of companies towards the customers was mostly harsh. They were not willing to listen to any complaints. However, with the growing competition and introduction of many new businesses, companies have started paying respect to their customers. Businesses have realized that a happy customer will give referrals by word of mouth. For this reason, the companies need to look into their policies on how they can provide better services to the customers and still get the results they are looking for. Only through maintaining a friendly tone and catering to the queries of the customers, good results can be achieved and a great repute can be maintained within the customers. While looking to make your business into a brand, it is important to care for the actual asset of the company i.e. customers and it is only possible by improving the customer experience.

Timely Response

In the early days, due to lack of competition, companies used to respond late to queries and complaints. But today, there are different businesses ready to grab the opportunity. If customers do not get the answers instantly, they will look for other options. Technology has advanced to a level where nothing is impossible and providing timely customer service is one of them. Through email support or live chat support, this objective can be achieved. It can be done by an in-house team; however, it can prove too costly because the operational costs increase significantly. While looking to boost the revenue during the sales season, it is equally important to control the costs so that the costs don’t outrun the revenue. By choosing a live chat support provider, you can save a lot of costs and achieve your goals as well. It would be a great addition to your team, albeit a late one.

Final Word

Businesses need to realize that customers are their biggest asset. As they say, perfection can never be achieved, there is still some room for improvement in the customer services. All this evolution has introduced new trends that businesses can follow. However, it can be difficult to incorporate all these innovations together, but a combination of multiple trends can fetch favorable results. Not only will it enhance the customer experience, but will also help in retaining existing customers as well as making new ones.

Moreover, this evolution is not final, more changes are also expected in the coming years. In the current time and age, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bots and automated generated responses and smart IVRs have made a significant impact on Customer Service. All these are still evolving and only time will tell what the future has in store for us in terms of customer services.

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