Five Reasons Why You Must Employ Email Support Service

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Email support service used to be the dominant form of customer support service for most of the time since the advent of the digital era. However, its significance has diminished to a considerable extent in recent years due to the rise of social media and the resultant chat support system. This has caused businesses and organizations to shift their focus away from Email support service which can prove to be really counterproductive for your brand. As this writeup will argue that Email has not yet been made obsolete at all and despite the rise of chatbots and automated text services, this old relic still holds an important place in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) communication.

Email support service should still be given ample priority in your organization’s overall customer support strategy whether you decide to handle all the communication aspects in-house or outsource to a professional business process outsource (BPO) company. Email offers several unique advantages that are not featured in any of the other support services and they help to significantly enhance your business’s productivity by keeping all the stakeholders in the loop. However, there are certain variables that must if Email support is to realize its maximum potential.

Why Email still rules the corporate communication?

  • Preferred mode of formal communication

As the young generation tend to dominate the digital landscape so it is easy to get the impression that millennials constitute the majority of the online population. This is why most businesses are exclusively focusing on catering to their needs by developing informal and ‘cool’ modes of corporate communication. Though true to some extent, it is not the whole truth.

Fact is that Email is still the preferred mode of formal communication among business as well as consumer community. Contrary to popular belief, even the millennials prefer to communicate via email when it comes to formal communication. According to Small Business Trends, 89% of millennial customers still prefer Email. Today’s kids may prefer to use a number of apps available when it comes to online interaction with friends and family but they still like to go old school while conducting official business.

  • Easy to follow up

This is another aspect where Email support service offers significant benefits compared to other modes of communicating with the consumers during complaints or other routine queries. Often times, such communications tend to contain several to-and-fro responses from both sides. This becomes easy to track and follow up as every message and reply is time-stamped and carries unique placement in the email thread.

Email services also allow for easy assignment of tasks to a specific wing of your organization. You don’t need to attach a detailed overview or background when assigning the task as they can easily grab a detailed overview of existing problem from previous communication and it is easy to share all the required info be it a single message or a group of emails with other team members.

  • Individual attention to every consumer

Compared to the rushed and quirky manner in which live chat and instant messaging (IM) customer support services operate; Email allows you to treat each and every consumer in their own regard. Each thread of email communication is a story in itself and can be traced back to the core of complaint in no time. This level of fine attention to the detail goes a long way in conveying to the consumers that your business cares for them individually and thus can be of immense help when it comes to retaining them despite their initial negative feedback.

  • Everyone is in the loop

Almost all email services allow multiple recipients making it easy for the complaint desk to include and involve every concerned stakeholder in the communication process. The Carbon Copy (CC) and Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) indicate a few options through which everyone can stay in the loop without going through the hassle of logging in the same account and crowding the field.

It is through this distinct feature of email support service that even the CEO can stay involved in communication along with other department heads and managers. The easy access made possible through this system coupled with the easy follow-up system can truly revolutionize the overall customer support service and thus create a lasting good impression on an existing and potential customer.

  • Flexible and easy to manage

The best thing about email support communication service is that it offers immense flexibility and is relatively easy to manage for the quality assurance department compared to chat and voice support where time is of the essence. No doubt timely responding is still important in email communication but nevertheless, it allows the response time ample time to do their homework properly and provide top-notch customer service.

Email support service also allows you to collaborate and communicate with various stakeholders across different time zones and geographical areas. You do not need to set up international teams to provide quality customer support if you are able to effectively manage the email part with prompt replies and timely follow-ups. It is automatically understood at customer’s part that emails take sometimes to respond and thus you get a breathing space.

Essentials of effective Email support service

Email support service does offer a number of advantages over other modes of B2B and B2C communication but this does not mean that no effort is required on your part if you are using email. After all, it is a communication tool only and there are several important factors that must be considered when using Email service.

Below listed are a few universal guidelines that apply to email communications no matter their nature or point of origin:

  1. Prompt response is a must.

    When the customer sends you a complaint or query via email, they are already having a negative impression of your product. The only way to remove that impression is to reply to their email as soon as possible. The recommended strategy in this regard is to set up an automated response that lets them know that their email is received and is under review and a customer service representative will reach out to them as soon as possible.
  2. No rest until the problem is solved.

    You may have been able to mitigate the temporary negativity with automatic email but the only sustainable way to satisfy the customer is to solve their problem on priority. Make sure that a concerned person is assigned the task on priority as soon as someone is available and they carry that certain case to its natural and logical conclusion. No rest or premature wrap up before that.
  3. Periodic follow-up.

    As customer satisfaction is the ultimate end goal of any good customer service so a follow-up email must be sent after a suitable period to gauge the satisfaction level of customer. The follow-up email should be drafted in a way that it allows them to honestly and frankly express their experience with your customer service. Always take serious note of that to follow up and make necessary adjustments in your strategy if needed in light of that feedback.
  4. Get a feedback survey filled.

    Feedback survey can be attached to the follow-up email or sent as an individual email. It should be of comprehensive nature and designed in a slick way in order to extract the complete information regarding each and every aspect of their experience.
  5. Don’t let the customer go.

    Now that you have established a point of contact with the customer and have made sure that they are satisfied with their experience, try to maintain the contact for long term use. You can offer discounts, coupons or promotions or just periodic updates from your brand and thus you have a recurring communication with a well-maintained lead.

Should you get professional help?

Most new businesses do not have a well-developed and fully functional customer service department let alone an email specific desk in their organization. This is where expert Business Process Outsource (BPO) companies come in. It is advised to hire a reputable organization that offers market competitive rates and can be trusted to handle your clients in an effective manner.

Email communication truly revolutionized the whole business communication landscape in the 1990s and the disruptive journey has not stopped ever since. Despite the growing popularity of IM and social media platforms, Email is still the preferred tool for formal communication among all age groups. It is imperative that your business has the infrastructure and capacity to make the most out of this still revolutionary technology but having relevant technological and human resource is must for this purpose.

Email is a very much alive and kicking mode of customer service and it is never too late to employ this dark horse for your service. We at TransData take immense pride in our dedicated BPO services that include a dedicated Email support service handled by a team of expert professionals operating under extremely well-defined SOPs so that every consumer interaction no matter how bad it is at first turns into a pleasant and lasting one. Have a look at a number of customer services and contact us to get a quote.