Live Chat Support – A Guide of Best Practices for Successful Implementation

Chat Support

It is evident that live chat is one of the most powerful tools but it must be used properly. If you are thinking to provide an efficient channel of support to your customers via live chat then you ought to make some smart decisions for your website. You have to look into the matter that how the customer service team will respond to the live chat support system and how this process can be integrated into your website seamlessly.

“On your premises, a customer is one of the most important visitors. He is absolutely not dependent on us, instead, we are dependent on him. His presence is not an interruption at all, instead, he is the sole purpose of our business. He can never be an outsider, instead, he is part of our business. By serving him, we are not favoring him, instead, he is favoring us by providing us with the opportunity. Your visitor is everything for your business.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Live Chat Fitting with the Evolving Customer Service Needs

For a modern consumer, they rarely have single touchpoint with a company. For even a small purchase, there involves a lot of difficult situations, such as reading reviews of previous consumers, analyzing the product content, important documents to read and several questions to ask. With all the touchpoints, there are numerous chances to have a conversation with your customer before or after their purchases.

Therefore, by offering live chat support on your website, you are making it way too easier for the customer to initiate a conversation. Through chat support, they don’t have to hunt for contacting email address or decide a time to make the call. It makes the interaction super easy and convenient.

Through a live chat, you can also personalize the support experience for your customers. By offering an omnipresent chat window, you are directly offering your customers a golden opportunity to get their answers without any hassle and frustration in lesser time.

In research, it is evaluated that the companies that are using live chat system are increasing long-term relations with their customers. Through live chat, your team can minimize their efforts in going through the Q&A session and utilize the time in crafting more thoughtful and personalized interactions with their esteemed customers.

Incredible Benefits of Live Chat Support

“I recommend spending a lot of time with your customers by talking to them and understanding them. You would be amazed to realize that many companies don’t care to listen to their customers at all.” – Ross Perot, American Businessman

According to research, more than 53% of the shoppers are likely to make their purchases from those businesses that are offering customer support through live chat. Via live chat, you can increase sales volume and profit maximization for your business. But this is not the only benefit, by the way, we are going to discuss the top 3 benefits of live chat support that you can provide to your customer to enhance their confidence over your brand.

1 – Customers Don’t Like to Wait

With the revolution of the internet, everyone expects to get the results in a lesser timeframe. This is no exception at all when talking about a business and its responses. When a customer gets stuck with something and seeks an answer, he would expect a quick solution at earliest.

For a customer, if he wants to get a response over some issue there are options like sending an email, but for this, he has to wait enough to get a response or make a call, but for this, the customer has to check the time of availability to call. In this stance, live chat support can be the most feasible way to give a response to your customer within a few minutes.

Live chat support is actually helping the businesses to solve the queries of the customers in the wink of an eye. Through a live chat system, you can not only provide spontaneous answers, but also minimize the chance of your customer switching to your business rivals website, or leaving negative feedback or canceling the subscription.

If the member of your support team is not available at that moment, some live chat tools inform the customer for how long they have to wait to get the answer, or sends an email as soon as the representative is available. Through this way, the customer feels valued and from such a situation, you can turn your customer into a loyal one forever.

There is a new option available too, where you can use artificial intelligence in your chat support system. All you have to do is to feed appropriate solutions a customer might encounter while shopping online and your AI chatbot can be available for you 24/7 to assist your customers at any hour.

The live chat software can also be providing self-service options to the customers for helping them during their shopping time. For this, either you can add a search bar to your site or a fully automated Q&A experience for your customers.

2 – Providing Support to Customer at the Exact Hour of Need

It is already discussed that customers don’t like to wait for getting their response and this motivates them to switch to your competitor’s site. Therefore, providing chat support at the exact time is all that gives your business an advantage. There are some products that are more complex than other products available, therefore customers might have more multifaceted questions gushing through their minds. Hence for this, live chat support can be the only way to provide faster and most reliable solutions to their queries.

Live chat can offer support at the exact time with proper solutions in no time. Through this, you can use the data you are already having to support your esteemed customers, especially where it is needed the most. By using live chat software, you can easily use your website traffic data to get an idea about the products that require the most support and would be useful.

If most of the traffic of your website is routing to a specific page, then it is for sure to add a live chat there
If there is a physical product that is being returned to you frequently then you can have a visitor auto message generation on that page with a link to the FAQs

If you are offering a software product, and for its setup customers might need answers to their queries, then trigger an automated message that can pop up in your live chat area.

Through this, you can actually strengthen as well as lengthen your relationship with each and every customer of yours in no time.

3 – Motivating Customers to Make a Purchase

Well the truth is live chat is one of the most convenient means of communication and what not, it is instant too. Researches indicate that those websites that are offering live chat and are providing instant solutions to their customers are 82% more likely to make a significant purchase from your site. They also tend to spend on an average 13% more time on the sites that provide live chat assistance.

If your customer is aware of the fact that whenever they get stuck in some problem, an online representative would be available to assist them today and in the forthcoming future, they will feel more confident about your site and its image. They will not just feel more assertive and positive about you but will also return for a second purchase or might upgrade their plan or even refer your site to a friend.

To increase the level of trust amid your customers, you need to have a full time working chat support system. Along with this, if you are having a communication system with email, phone calls and even on social media, they will feel assured about your brand and will remain in touch with you no matter what. It is just all about winning your customers trust by providing them with exceptional customer services.

Best Practices for a Successful Live Chat Support Experience

So far you have understood that live chat is crucial for the success of your business. Now you need some tips and tricks for successfully implementing this on your site. We are presenting you three crucial ways by which you can delight your website visitors with exceptional chat experience.

Offer Help only when it is Needed

In some particular ways, adding a live chat window to your site can be more distracting rather than being useful. Well, an unwanted live chat can be just like a clerk from a store, shouting his lungs out on a megaphone, when you are in the shop only for window shopping.

Either make a decision that on which page of your site you believe a live chat option can provide a cutting edge to your site. Which page or a product needs extra assistance and customers might feel ambiguity and need answers. Like:

  • Your checkout page
  • The pricing page
  • Your complete signup process
  • Different stages of the setup process
  • Similar products and deciding in between them
  • Product returns or exchanges

The other option can be that if you want to make your live chat support available on every page of your site than make sure you notify your customer with a simple ‘ding’ or ‘hi’ or ‘how may I help you’ dialogue box only, to make them aware that you offer this service. This must be done once only when the customer lands on your page, not on every page he is switching. This is frustrating. And one more thing, never ever open huge dialogue boxes with messages to notify your presence, this is way more frustrating as the customer have to close you before proceeding future.

Inform Them How Long They Have to Wait

For physical stores, the customer never visits them outside their operating hours and when they do visit in the operating hours, showing lack of staff actually irritates them a lot.

For the live chat option, think in the same manner. If the agent of your support team is not available in the operating hours and the customer has to wait for a long time, he will eventually become frustrated and close the browser instantly.

Point is, if you are available, then show up your presence by a simple notification that pops up on the corner of the screen, visible but not irritating. While outside your operating hours when you are not offering 24/7 live chat support then it is crucial to notify the customer the timeframe when a representative will get back to them.

You can do either of these things:

  • Add your normal operating hours in the live chat window to make your customers aware
  • Include an estimated timeframe that for how long the customer needs to wait
  • Once you are online, make sure to notify them via an email or an SMS to their number

Always keep this in mind that customers favor live chat support due to its ability to provide solutions instantly, but if you are not operating 24/7 and have some specific hours to operate then it is ok, but make sure to notify them as soon as you get online. See, it is known as live chat for a reason, right? You need to prioritize the live chat waiting for customers before answering the email or phone calls.

Provide them Extra Resources

We have already talked about the multiple touchpoints your customer can have to get a chance to interact with you. Therefore to continue your communication and interaction with your customer there are numerous other ways to remain in touch.

There are some evergreen resources your support team can send to your customers while you are not interacting with them, like:

  • Sending upcoming or previously recorded webinars
  • Share your blog posts
  • Documents on “How-to”
  • Sharing a link to sign up to your email list

Well, the resources you are sending to your customer must be relevant to them as per the chat they already had with you. For example, if your customer approached you via live chat to inquire about the vitamins the specific juice contains, then make sure to share the blogs on that juice or brand. Or if you monitored a customer on your pricing page and is about to make a purchase of your available software, share a video with him that how to start the setup and proceed further.

By sending these resources, the customer will feel valued and will spread positive word of mouth for your brand, well this is your brand marketing and promotion too. Just by providing proper customer service, you can earn a customer for a lifetime.

Undoubtedly, integrating a live chat support system to your website can be productive to your site in many ways. But it is not easy as it seems like, you actually need to hire professional services from a company like TransData, who is a leading company that is offering live chat support services as per your requirements. No matter if you wish to get the live chat integrated to specific pages of your site or you wish complete chat support for your site, we have got you all covered. For more queries, feel free to contact us anytime, either via the live chat option that we are offering or email us at