The Growing Demand of Virtual Chat Support

Ever since the trend of online shopping started, it has only increased. In 2017, global online retail sales amounted to 2.3 trillion US dollars breaking all previous records and signified that online business is the way to go in the future. Online business and customer service go hand in hand and are directly related to one another. To make this easy for you to understand, we will take the help of multiple examples.

More than 3 billion people are using social media and browsing the internet to connect with businesses to get their queries answered and complaints addressed. Customers expect to connect with companies online either through live chat or email support to get instant answers to their questions. For e-commerce stores, it is imperative to improve the efficiency of their customer service to increase customer satisfaction, as well as, turn their business into a brand. Enhanced customer service contributes to the goodwill of the business because the customers promote the company through word of mouth.

The Major Challenge in Customer Support & Role of Virtual Chat Support

In the highly competitive world of online businesses, some stores flourish while others are left to die a natural death. Among the other different factors, one factor that really makes a difference is the level of customer service provided by the company. Obviously, the policies of the company such as returns & refunds, warranty, and damage claim matter a lot but all of these policies are also somehow dependent on customer services. One of the biggest challenges faced but the businesses in this regard are that it can be very costly to hire a separate customer support team particularly in the sales season when the sales volume increases by a record 150%.

In some particular days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the recent example being the 11.11 sale that took the world by storm and shattered all the records, the sales volume increases drastically leaving the businesses with a lot of orders to deal with. Since we stand at a time when Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, it is vital to plan ahead and come up with a decision quickly as to where do you want to take your business to. If you just want to continue with the same pace and same level of profits that you have been earning all this time, you don’t need to do anything. However, if you want to move one step ahead in the game without increasing your operational costs, it is highly suggested that you go for virtual chat support services.

What are Virtual Chat Support Services?

Virtual chat support services are specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses who cannot afford a separate customer service and they can outsource it to other companies for a fairly lesser cost. The virtual chat support agents work on behalf of the company and provide top-class customer support to the customers while improving the goodwill of the business.

The chat support services providers have trained and highly experienced staff who can handle the pressure in a professional manner and generate the intended results like a boss. Through the virtual chat support services, you can provide state of the art customer services to your customers in a timely manner. According to the statistics, a user on average moves to the other website within 3 minutes if they don’t find their desired product on the website or if there is some confusion to which they need an answer from the support staff. The basic aim of the live chat support is to ensure that the users are able to get timely answers to all their queries and the bounce rate could be minimized.

Customer Care Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

It is almost curtains for 2018 and we are about to step into 2019. Each year brings something new with it and from a business’ point of view, innovation and evolution are the keys to success. With that being said, it is vital to implement new trends into your existing customer care model to ensure that you are way ahead in your industry and gain a competitive advantage.

Let’s take a look at the most promising customer care trends to watch out for in 2019.

Engaging in Social Media Conversations

If you have a strong social media presence, you might know that customers like to ask questions regarding any product or service either through the comments or direct messages (DMs). DM is a very common way among all because it helps the business to disclose the details to only the potential leads and not the public at large. It keeps the interest level high and helps businesses gain more customer inquiries. In 2019, with the growth in the number of social media users, it is vital to pay more attention to DMs and reach out to the customers.

Chatbots to Sore Higher

Chatbots, as expected, could not achieve their potential because of certain limitations in their abilities. However, chatbots are now smarter than ever – thanks to more investments and programming in this sector. In 2019, chatbots are not going anywhere but they are expected to shine brighter than ever. It is also suggested that chatbots will reduce the business costs by as much as $8 billion till 2022.

Virtual Chat Support is the Key

Among the many trends, virtual chat support will prevail more. The reason is quite simple – there are human agents dealing with the customers and providing answers appropriately. This service is highly flexible because it can be availed either for 24 hours a day or some specific hours as the requirements of the business be. For small businesses, it is quite a useful service that helps them grow without losing a lot of money in expenses.

Integrating these trends to your current customer support model can fetch favorable results for your company and take the company to new heights. However, incorporating the right technology is important which in this case, is the virtual chat support. For all your virtual chat support needs, TransData offers the ideal service at astonishingly reasonable rates. For more information or to book a free consultation, contact us now. You can also send us an email at