Time to Review Complaints as an Opportunity and Not as a Failure

Today, many companies become afraid and anxious when they receive any complaint and thus regard it as their failure. It is most important to understand that a negative experience can never be the end of the journey, the journey is meant to be continued with the required amendments.

Let us start with a real-life example and a concept that most of the people are unaware of, the concept of Kintsugi. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery which is also known as ‘Golden Joinery’. Yeah mending broken pots or dishes do not sound much impressive but the philosophy behind this concept is what that is useful as well as incredible to understand.

The broken pots are repaired in a special way in Kintsugi, where the broken pieces are held together with a special mix of lacquer amalgamated with gold powder to create a golden seam that will highlight the broken piece edges. It won’t be good as new but now the broken pieces will wear the golden scars with pride. What is important to understand from this is that what was before expected to be useless has now turned into something meaningful. In the same way, getting customers complaints are like broken pieces of your brand image and how effectively and profoundly you handle them is the golden scar that highlights your brand potential as a whole.

Product-Driven Customer Experience is a Problem

For any company, one of the most challenging tasks is to deliver a superior customer experience (CX). To satisfy a customer, there are a lot of different elements that have to be joined together to make them happy. Still, with the management of a lot of elements together, there would be some customers who would not be happy and satisfied with your service no matter what.

The basic problem is that the majority of the businesses build their CX around the core product they offer. When a customer is not happy with that product than he will leave bad comments that will hit directly your core product reputation. Even when the complaint handling department is handling the situation, the companies do gets tensed as the sole focus of customer experience is just to deliver a great product only, and when it is not happening then how are you as a company supposed to add value to retain the customer back.

Why is it Important to Repair Relationship & Build Customer Trust Again

It is studied that when a business loses a customer, this scenario is marked as a ‘lost cause’. The label is made because the company believes that the product or the service failed to provide satisfaction to the consumer and it was below their expectation. Though it looks like a failure and a complete lost case it is crucial to remember that when one door shuts down, there ought to be another door that gets opened. It is just that you as a company have to search for it.

Due to the fast-paced technological revolution, today customers can easily post online about the review of the product or service and define exactly what went wrong. For delivering superior customer experience, it is vital to handle the complaint with much effectiveness and attentive mind.

If the situation is not handled with efficacy than there are higher chances of losing the customer and hurting the relationship of the consumer and the company. This is the point where the philosophy of Kintsugi comes in and can make a huge difference in retention as well as the acquisition of new customers.

Applying Kintsugi Philosophy to Complaint Handling

For creating an effective and efficient customer experience, there are several elements and ingredients amalgamated together to make a difference. It is not possible to deliver 100% CX all of the time, sometimes things can go wrong to what was planned before. So, when the things are going completely off the radar, gather back the broken pieces and mold them into something exceptional, coming back much stronger than before.

When applying the idea of Kintsugi to enhance your customer experience, the focus can be easily shifted to the way you as a company looks at your customer’s journey. Instead of covering and hiding the problems and issues your customers have pointed out with the product or service, it is suggested to mend the falling relationship through superior complaint handling and engaging the customer with the previous positive experiences.

In the example of Kintsugi bowl, people no longer wonder how it got broken in the first place, instead, the focus shifts on the new beauty and creativity it came up with. In the same way, when a customer complaints, through effective complaint handling it is vital to redevelop trust with the consumers and help them in remembering the previous positive experience associated with the brand. This way, the consumer tends to forget the recent bad experience and retain to the brand believing the company will resolve the matter with perfection.

It is important to know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, so instead of marking the complaint as a failure of the brand, it is important to mold the scenario as an opportunity to come up with a more innovative solution that can satisfy the customer.

Craft out an Opportunity out of Complaints

If you have the tendency to make golden repairs to the broken relationships with your customers than you can also turn a negative experience of the consumer into completely a positive one. As a business, you can also make the lost customers loyal with you by re-approaching to them and handling the concerns while giving attention to every detail and making them as their brand ambassador to spread positive word of mouth. See, by evaluating the failure as an opportunity instead of shame you can change the directions of the wind.

To get most out of the opportunity, the companies must pay attention to making the complaint handling team more effective and operating with efficiency. For a frustrated customer, it is enough that their concerns and problems are being discussed, talked about and agents approach to them again and again for evaluating the problem they are facing. This way the consumer feels special and a vital part of the brand.

It is crucial to understand that when a customer gets in touch to the brand either through a call or through email or even online chat support, they must be given enough confidence that their issue means a lot to the company and their concerns would be resolved as soon as possible with effective measures.

Therefore, it is recommended not to view the complaints of the brand’s product or service as a failure, instead, it is vital to view it as an opportunity to get closer to your customers and creating an experience they never had before. At TransData, we help our clients and customers to feel valued and cared of no matter at what time they reach to us. With our effective complaint handling department, we ensure to provide excellent services to our clients either they reach to us for infrastructural services or application development or e-commerce services.