Choose Your Ecommerce Platform

We at TransData plan your e-commerce implementation process and employ the most efficient tools to develop your e-shopping portals.

The audit and analysis services at TransData ensure that your e-stores are adapted to the latest trends and user preferences. With extensive expertise in all leading e-commerce platforms including SF Cloud Commerce solution, we employ the best of customer acquisition, engagement and retention techniques to boost your online business and optimize the shopping journey of your customers.

Why US

Our e-commerce professionals provide optimized services in amplifying your e-stores that guarantee not only increased traffic but increases sales as well. The remarkable user-experience, ability to deliver a consistent omni-channel experience across offline and online channels, the adaptability to latest trends and integrations- provides a cornerstone for convenient shopping experience.


TransData offers multiple platforms for you to choose from, for your e-commerce implementation. These top-ranked website builders get you an efficient and user-friendly e-commerce solution within no time. Using these platforms, TransData builds and customizes your e-store, enabling the smooth running of your transactions. We let our clients choose any of these platforms according to their business needs and personal preferences.


We take pride in being partnered with Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solution. To provide our users a seamless shopping experience, across all channels—digital, mobile, social, and store, we provide them a business model based on shared success revolving around three fundamental identifiers: faster innovation, predictive intelligence, & unified commerce. Customers using SF Cloud Commerce solution can connect without any delays or dependencies with real-time insights into all critical data.


With 100+ templates available to customize according to your requirements, Shopify Commerce is a multi-channel commerce platform that is an all-in-one solution to support your online business. From hosting to design, from pricing to payment options, Shopify Commerce has proved to be one of the best e-commerce partners over the years.


With the integrated tools and the optimized designs, WooCommerce helps you build website solutions that walk you through the entire transaction conveniently and efficiently. Using WooCommerce, you can design, develop and customize your online shopping websites that ensure traffic and sales. Our teams have years of experience in development using the WooCommerce platform.

Taking your Brands & Businesses to the New Heights

E-Commerce Implementation

Did you know that around 60 percent of the shoppers these days look for the required products online, on their mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets, and most of them end up shopping these products online as well? Keep your pace with these evolving trends and behaviors in shopping and bring your business to the online world today. Enabling E-commerce brings a spark to your business and its online existence. Whether you want to launch your e-commerce platform or need to update it according to latest trends and user preferences, TransData provides the most tailored and targeted services to do that for you.

Since a huge portion of your business, or all of it in case of businesses solely based online, depends on how well integrated and well-functioning your e-commerce site is, it is important to consult professionals in the development and maintenance of these sites and TransData offers this consultation via experienced and skilled professionals. Get a smarter approach to consumer engagement and discover new retail opportunities in the online world.

For a unified shopping experience across all channels, TransData develops an integrated shopping portal for showcasing your products. Inventory and order management, pricing and payments, track recording- this and much more has been rendered easier with the E-Commerce solutions provided by TransData.

Core Services


The implementation and launch of your e-commerce platform ensure a wider reach of your business. The growth that your business needs is driven by the deployment of a flexible, personalized and well-running e-commerce website. Reach new clients daily with the implementation of e-commerce shopping cart.


We provide end-to-end e-commerce solutions where your inventory management module, digital marketing platforms, CRM, accounting software, order management system all are integrated effectively to achieve desired targets.


The custom features in our services enable you to get your e-commerce solutions tailored to your requirements, nature of business and target audience. We personalize to optimize the experience of shoppers and to boost your business.


Our support staff is always there to provide solution to your queries. Any ambiguities and uncertainties are readily sorted out by the support feature at TransData. Provision of resources is also ensured at each step of our collaboration with our clients.
Experience Design Services

The state of the art user-centric designs of the e-commerce solutions provided by TransData bring more traffic and enable interactivity across these platforms. The value-added user-interfaces are developed by the team of designers here at TransData. Bringing the digital experiences to life is what our designers are a pro at. The designs are made adaptable across various platforms including mobile phones and tablets so the user engagement can be ensured on the go.

Integration Services

E-commerce solutions developed at TransData are all integrated with external systems to enable centralized operations and provide a seamless omni-channel experience across multiple platforms. The integrated components communicate with one another to perform the required processes and deliver the services. Marketing software and processes are also integrated to promote your brand across multiple channels. This integration of Order Management System (OMS), Microsoft Dynamics 365, CRM, ERPs, websites, accounting software, marketing software is all done to maximize the potential gain from the e-commerce system and deliver actionable data-all at one place!

Some common integrations we provide

Payment Gateway

Popular global payment gateways are integrated to provide safe, secure and easy payment solutions to the clients.

Customer Information and Communication

Direct communication takes place through the integrated communication tools between the customers and Customer Service Representatives.

SF Cloud Commerce Solution

Communication around multiple channels has now been rendered easier as TransData joins hands with world’s #1 enterprise cloud commerce platform.

Accounting Systems

Various accounting systems are assimilated to achieve a high level of proficiency in recording transactions and generating reports.


Collaboration with trusted and reputable shipping services and advanced OMS helps companies organize and streamline the order fulfillment process across the omnichannel supply chain ensuring safe delivery of the products ordered through our e-commerce platforms.

Our Integration Experience Includes Following Platforms