Wajahat Mehmood – A Success Story | TransData Way

I would like to say that Transdata has given me the advantage to learn different tasks, beginning from customer support including quality checking and customer complaints handling. Also, TransData has the best trainers who help the new comers like me to learn quickly in an efficient manner. Transdata management has excellent role in company progress and the managers supervisors, team leads all work together to lead the company on to the path of progress.

Our senior operational manager, Usman provides support to agents in order to develop good working criteria. He always encourages the team to perform better and keeps a good quality check. The best part about him and TransData is that they always encourage helping us learn new tools as soon as they get introduced in the market so we are well trained for any future tasks.

I have been working in TransData since January 1st 2012. It’s been a wonderful journey I started as customer support representative on the project direct TV and my primary job was to receive incoming calls from customers and note down their complaints. I used to ensure that all the complaints were followed up and resolved in timely manner. Also I worked on another customer service project which was online order taking service.

Since march 2014, I have been working on technical support software for Genensys EMR and from then onwards my real exciting journey began. I basically work with doctors & therapists as their support manager for EMR and receive incoming calls from clinics. We provide technical support for our software; if any clinic is facing problems in EMR we note their complaints and try to resolve them as soon as possible for them. Also, we do conference calls with our developers’ team to discuss all our pending issues on weekly basis. Our goal is to ensure that our software should work well. So, we want to see our clients as happy customers and by far we have succeeded in that.

So lastly through my hard work and support of my fellows, I have been promoted to senior quality assurance manager. So, I have got an additional task in my plate which is to provide training to new employees. It is a good experience for me as I get to interact with different people and training also enhances my knowledge. So all in all, it is a wonderful working experience for me to work here with such a wonderful team and caring people. They have built a very professional and comfortable working environment for their employees and that’s the best part of TransData .

Great company – excellent management.