Zaki Ahmed – Amazing Four plus years in TransData | The Roller Coaster

I remember when I came to TransData like 4 or 5 years ago I was a young teenage and not very used to the professional environments, because this was the first company that I was starting my career with. I came to this company as pre caller and then promoted into for the multiple positions like dispatcher and team lead. Being into TransData for the Direct TV campaign I enjoyed and learned a lot also worked a lot.

In the end of 2013 I left the company to continue my studies and right after 1.5 years I came back again because of two reasons, 1st is I had a very good Professional relation with our Director Mr. Ali Nadeem and Secondly I started my first Job here so I have a special type of attraction and love for this company which can’t be described in words.

When I came back I didn’t know all the responsibilities of Virtual Assistant so I thank my Senior team members for guiding me and bringing the best out of me. All our operations managers with all the working staff are very much professional and friendly here. I am managing my Software Engineering studies with this Job, So from that you can imagine how much freedom and options you can have when you join this company.

This company is all about learning and thriving.