Hamza Nadeem – Be the Best Version of You

I’d like to welcome you to a blog about my experiences during my fourth year working at TransData! I’m Hamza Nadeem, A proud employ of TransData.

I have been working with TransData as a Virtual Assistant for the last 4 years, may be a touch more than that. I started my professional career doing SEO and content writing for TransData and last year all my hard work payed off when I’ve been promoted as The Project Manager in the company. And that was the happiest moment in my professional career. Hamza Nadeem

Being in the TransData office surrounded by about 200 people gives you a real understanding of the company. You get an exclusive insight into the way it all works, the understanding of the teamwork and being treated like an actual adult.

I enjoy doing SEO, research and social media work. I was always interested and passionate about Internet Marketing and wanted to be an expert in this field. And TransData helped me getting in it and I have learned a lot working with them. While working in TransData I have learned email marketing and their tools and softwares  from my colleagues. I have been toughed and trained about Infusionsoft, Kajabi and WordPress and now I work with clients on their live websites. Currently I’m working with three clients at the same time and that’s something impressive, though sometimes it becomes hectic for me because of the work load.

When I joined TransData, I was more comfortable in writing emails, doing research work and SEO rather than having verbal conversation with the clients because I get confused a lot. I worked on this part and took some coaching from local trainers with TransData and my Managers knows that I have improved a lot and now dealing clients with ease not just on emails and Skype chat but on verbal and video calls as well with confidence. Hamza Nadeem

I have an extremely strong work ethic. When I’m working on a project, I don’t want to just meet deadlines; rather I prefer to complete the project well ahead of schedule. Last year, I even earned a bonus from my boss for completing my three most recent reports well ahead of time. My work experience with TransData and having all these amazing people around me has made me more motivated to get things done within time. I have learned so much in past 4 years in this beautiful working environment and I would love to continue with them in future as well.