Hassan Amir Khan – Virtual Assistant

With the world growing increasingly virtual, software sector is an interesting industry to work with especially considering the influence it has in shaping the future of the world. It is also one of the most competitive industries in the world, and especially for fresh graduates applying for entry level jobs this could be a little daunting. virtual assistant

My main responsibilities at TransData involve overseeing different projects in virtual assistance as a Project Manager. IT industry is constantly growing and thus forever changing, which makes it both exciting and slightly overwhelming. However my great interest for software designing helped me in overlooking the overwhelming part of it which is really an excited about my job. Perhaps this is the reason I was able to acclimate quickly to my work environment and yet at the same time let every new challenge be a new opportunity to grow on a personal level and learn new things instead of letting it become a hurdle.

Being a graduate with an engineering  background, I was looking for a position where I could utilize the skills I have acquired during my education while at the same time, looking for an environment that would help me transition from a purely academic environment to field work, all the while helping me enhance my skills and knowledge while applying them in a more practical manner. This company is my opportunity to do both; display my own acquired knowledge and understand its practical application, while enhancing those skills and assimilating the ever changing industry.      virtual assistant

Furthermore, the workplace environment is so wonderful it is really enabling for team work so that it is great fun to work with colleagues on team projects. Working with these fantastic people really makes me more productive and the job more fun.

Working directly with the clients is also a great learning experience which really gets my creative juices flowing and helps us keep on our toes mentally so we can always be a step ahead in the market to ensure quality services to the clients.

All in all working with this company has been a great experience both from the career point of view and on a very personal level.