Internet Marketing at TransData – It’s Not Just Internet Marketing

A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them (Steve Jobs)

In 2010 when we were relying heavily on Customer Support projects , Being a part of web development team it was my job to conduct research and I came across with this term “Opt-in”  in context of web development, the idea was pretty new to me . Yes I “Opted-in” for internet marketing at that time, and this whole world of internet marketing opened up for us.

Decided to do some research about this term and found out that anything and everything started with this “Opt-in” in the internet world, and frankly speaking It’s just not the internet world, the same rules apply to your real life also, if you ‘opt-into’ something, you basically hop onto a launching pad, and go a long way after that. Same thing happened with us. A couple of hours of research about ‘Opt-in’ and not to mention the chance to set it up for one of our clients helped me a great deal to know other areas .We closed the project of delivering website with an Opt-in feature on homepage, but while that closed, something else opened up for me, it lit a spark from which we lit a fire and today we have a specialized Internet marketing team.

‘Opt-in’ for internet marketing was just a start, and then we worked hard working with landing pages, squeeze pages, auto responders, creating sales funnels, marketing strategies , tracking user behavior and responding to them according to the actions they take in our funnels, webinar set ups , marketing your webinar, lead generation, ppc, seo, facebook advertising, retargeting, lead magnets, trip wire , core offers, membership site, content marketing, you name it.

This list is long and it kept going for us ,Internet world is changing every single day , new things are coming.  My passion for digital marketing with Tech Background and having knowledge of how different systems worked, pushed me in this direction. I started working in this domain by setting up a complete marketing team, and helped numerous clients at TransData, helping them setting up their funnels for their services and products.

Goal we set at that time was to learn this, NO let me rephrase myself, the Goal was to ‘Master it’, and we did. Now in 2016 we are one of the biggest service providers who deal with internet and digital marketing clientele. Our clients are business coaches, authors, entrepreneurs and internet marketers.

Marketing is all about connecting and telling others what you got, before someone asks you show me what you got. If you are consistent, dedicated and want to use the power of internet, this is the time for you to take action , action that would help you a long way. It’s never too late.

Freedom you have of setting up your own business using internet is phenomenal,and if you set the right tone, work hard and stay consistent, World is all yours.