Meeting Uzma Khan – A Success Story: The TransData Way

“To be a working woman and to step into the realm of hierarchal structure of a huge company are both as challenging as they sound! And just like most of the people, nothing matters to me as much as self respect! Amidst all this, if you are planning to start your working career without willing to compromise your self-respect, self-esteem and peace of mind, doors of TransData are the right ones to knock at!

When I planned to start my Career 4 years ago, I was baffled and looked around for good opportunities. Back then, I heard many good stories about TransData in terms of how graciously they treat their employees and create a healthy working environment. Thus, I ventured in with a similar hope and with the faith that whatever your starting point is, you can become an expert through enough practice, skills and motivation provided that you have a healthy working environment. Luckily, I found all these perks in TransData which provided me a platform to grow and allowed me to polish my skills and progress my positive thinking! Within a small period of time I was able to excel myself to deal directly with International clients with enough confidence.

I also personally go by this notion that, Monotony in life can kill anyone and on top of that, a desk job could be cumbersome where you have to sit for prolonged number of hours. However, none of this holds true when it comes to TransData, they make every aspect of work life energizing, exciting and creative for you! It is the place which not only makes you productive but at the same time, tosses various opportunities and challenges at you to help you ENJOY what you do! I also strongly believe that it’s not the building, or the set of rules or even the name that makes a company. Rather, it’s always about the people who build up the company, the living souls who create such a fabulous environment, to the point that everyone could enjoy a peace of mind and be productive at the same time.

So yeah, I found my home away from home, my job security and my blooming career right here at TransData.”