Rabeet Malik – My Journey from Dispatch to Digital Marketing

Hello my name is Rabeet. I have been working with TransData for about three and a half years and during this period I have seen many ups and downs throughout my career. I started working as a dispatcher for TransData , which included my duties to work with our clients based in the US and their dispatcher to help their technicians working in the field and get them to their specific jobs, and make them complete their work in a given time frame. I worked as a dispatcher for about a year in TransData .

After a year of hard work and dedication I got to know all the tips and tricks from my supervisors and fellow members so I can be capable to handle all the deadlines and workload given to me.
During the period for a week and in search for a new job ahead I had to make sure that I will try something new, At the back of my mind I wanted something different in the field of Technology because I am a tech savvy guy and always loved to play with different types of software’s and programming tools after a few days in search for a job.

My Manager wanted me to work with him as a virtual assistant and a digital marketer. It was very exciting that I will be learning a whole new dimension of online marketing and how it works.
Usman became my mentor and took me under his wings to teach me and train me in this field of vast opportunities which will excel my capabilities of learning new things every single day, NO! Every single minute as everything is evolving in this field of digital marketing at lightning speed.

Working at TransData for the last three-and-a-half years has excelled me to a whole new dimension which I am still discovering with my mentor. “Usman” is still teaching me day by day, as of now I am still with TransData and learning and having fun every day. With the progression I had made in these past years, I did not know that I had it in me to make it work, all the credit goes to TransData for enhancing my skills and capabilities beyond my expectations to work in this competitive environment.