Mohammad Shahbaz Javed – Right Choice | Right Time

I joined TransData back in 2008 and instantly I got the feeling that I’ve come to the right organization due to a number of reasons. As an honor’s degree holder in business administration and diploma holder in customer service and client support, I was looking for an opportunity to implement my skills and ideas and I must say I was not disappointed. From employees to management, the competitive environment within the organization has been bringing the best out of their employees and is one of the biggest reasons behind TransData’s successM Shahbaz Javed

During my early days in TransData, I was surprised to see the warm welcome I got by their staff and management compared to what I had previously experienced in another working place. My team mates immediately helped and the management assured me (like they have for every other employee), a chance to GROW! This motivated me to work harder day by day. Slowly I started enjoying my work because the management not just listen to suggestions and opinions but also made sure they implemented to some extent if not completely which is actually AWESOME!!! The feeling of being listened to and being acknowledged in a huge organization is pretty rare but with TransData, it a whole different story. Every employee has a right to put up their suggestion, be is system improvement or environmental change.

How about growth in an organization? Well I know I’ll sound as if I’m bragging about TransData but who wouldn’t talk about such an organization which recognizes and awards for even small achievements, let alone reaching milestones. The management at TransData recognized my hard work and within couple of years, I was promoted as a manager of the customer and client support department which for me, was an extremely happy moment yet I know the challenges I’m faced with but at the same time it strengthened my faith in the company and my belief that yes at TransData hard work does pay off.M Shahbaz Javed

It’s now over 8 years that I’ve been working with TransData and I still believe that I have a lot to give to this organization. TransData is not an organization but a house of opportunities and an institute where you learn a lot of different things, have a chance to polish your skills and develop a personality to be recognized.

Due to the peace of mind, job security and friendly environment, for me TransData is not a work place but a second HOME to me!