Aihtesham Saeed – Significant Experience and the Color of Passion

The creative sector is growing rapidly. its dynamic, and exciting industry to work in, also extremely difficult to enter and highly competitive at graduate level. The value and importance to work with this company is well-developed.

My main responsibilities at TransData involve caring for the company. The first week was daunting. I had never worked on a large office before. The commuting was scary to start off with but I soon got used to it especially after accepting my challenges. Working in this sort of environment is fast-paced. Even tech industry is changing constantly. However my love for software and computer designing really helped me pick up the everyday tasks of this role which was great.

For me the exciting parts were the challenges associated with learning a new set of skills. At the same time I have been able to draw my interests in developing something new in my every challenge I face.
Having done my basic training and working this year, I was looking for a more interesting role that would allow me to improve my own skills and learn more about the working world and not just about the limited world. This company is my opportunity to show that I can grow my mind and my skills. It is so important to consider how my studies and course will allow me to build myself into a talented team player. I don’t want a role that would be easy and that I would find myself getting bored on.
Another valuable lesson I had learned during those days is team building, which in turn, have provided me with more insight into the different types of roles and responsibilities that I could perform.

In terms of the nuts and bolts of my job, it involves number of applications with whom I have to interact. I’ve always enjoyed challenges which helped me to learn something new every time, it also a reminder for me how little I really know about my full capabilities.
What I like best about my job is that a primary responsibility involves interacting with clients on all different levels. I love that I get to learn new things about the company/business/market/etc every day, and they only occasionally are according to my field related. So, I can enhance my skills as I see fit and have time. I guess they trust that employees generally want to succeed and if they feel they need some training, they probably do.
Okay, ending on a positive note, I’m happy with my job and feel positive about my contribution to the company at the highest level.