Hasaan Zahoor – TransData – The Confidence Booster!

I joined TransData two years back before that I knew very little about online marketing and social media but with my job here in TransData I learned a lot as a Virtual Assistant. Internet based working environment is entirely different with the one we people are used to as we have to be proactive while communicating with clients and timely delivery of assigned tasks on day to day bases.

In these two years the main thing I learned is how to provide error free client services and how to cope up with clients demands on new and more effective tools as per client needs and TransData helps me a lot in improving my interpersonal skills. The learning phase in TransData started from the day I joined and it’s still in process because as per my experience no one is perfect but you can make yourself close to the assigned benchmark. In TransData I enjoyed working mainly because there is no monotonous kind of work and you learn new tools and have proper trainings on those tools as per the client’s requirements.

TransData also helps in improving my communications skills as direct communication with customer helps in getting confidence and improvement in verbal communication. TransData is a unique industry of its own type and I haven’t seen a better organization than this, which has multiple projects and different specialized teams so I suggest if you are carrier oriented and enthusiastic TransData is the right place for you.