Infrastructure Security Audit & Testing

Get a comprehensive health check of your IT infrastructure and safeguard your business’s website and data

Identifying Preventive, Detective, And Corrective Controls

Cut-Down your complexities with our simplified approach to Next Generation Cybersecurity and Compliance Management.

TransData offers targeted security examinations to examine the health of your security processes, IT infrastructure and employees. This provides an absolute basis for the long-term development of your information security and assists to identify risks at primary stage, evaluate them, reduce them to acceptable levels and finally eliminating them. The fundamental Infrastructure Security Audit and Testing Service provided by TransData’s experts comprises of complete security audit, security compliance, network and security monitoring, event analysis, forensic analysis and penetration testing.

What We Do


External and internal IT security audit evaluation of your firewalls.

Data Encryption

Encryption for Files, Devices, Removable Media, and Network Shares.

Data Analysis

Provision of analytical insights with engaging visualization capabilities via BI tools to drive business actions-from data to discovery to deployment.

Data Protection

Outstanding track record of safeguarding businesses against growing IT threat landscape.

Support Center

24/7 support services, embedded teams, remote technology support, a self-service portal, and more.

Technical Service

Assisting in Systems, Applications, Products implementation & maintenance -to system improvements & innovation strategies.

Our Services

Providing consumers undaunted information security for their on-premise, cloud, & mobile environments is TransData’s principal concern. To work on this goal, we work aggressively to strengthen and refine security features in our software and service offerings; along with protecting our own company’s information systems and sensitive assets through robust data and IT security, built-in application security, cloud security, and more.

With TransData’s Infrastructure and Security you can:

  • Eliminate the unexpected complexity and burden of handling multiple security & contractual vendors. We will be your single point of contact and obligation.
  • Develop a secure infrastructure with the well-versed policies, procedures, architecture and expertise all at one place.
  • Engage security professionals to make well-thought decisions ensuring IT compliance with security, legal and other standards.
  • Accurately make risk assessment and safeguard your assets, sensitive information and brand reputation.
  • Qualify and quantify actual threats and implement effective mobile and cloud security
  • Identify and prevent malware from sneaking on your endpoints in real-time with machine learning and artificial intelligence that outfoxes cyber-attack.