Infrastructure IT Services


We Implement your Plans

As a service provider, we believe in going beyond simple infrastructure services to deliver hybrid IT, enterprise apps, and industry-specific expertise. We plan, design, implement and maintain your IT infrastructure with our in-depth knowledge and experience. Employing the collaborative engagement models, we ensure to bring ROI for our clients. Our team members have a record of delivering high-end infrastructure solutions within constrained budgets and time frames.

Growing your profits with the tailored solutions

Our team of experts are specialized in lowering the costs of ownership and maximize the returns over your IT infrastructure solutions. Conventional as well as the hybrid infrastructures are available that cover all your digital, analytical, cloud, mobile, security and all contemporary technological needs. The improved utilization and higher performance is what our services promise to deliver.

Dynamic options to choose from

A wide range of tools, templates, features and managed services are available for you to combine and adopt according to your business needs. The hybrid solutions developed cater to the needs of client applications and data centers. Capitalizing on the development capacity at TransData, clients can also get customized solutions for their businesses.

Collaborative approach

TransData has partnered with various service providers across the channel to ensure high quality, competitive services. Leveraging on the individual expertise of each collaborative member, we maximize your reach and increase the impact you create among your target audiences. The administrative control in the hosting environment and the dedicated servers can handle the tasks of high complexity and scales.

Your Trusted Partner Turning business into brands in the highly competitive market by delivering results not just services.

Writing Chapters of Success in Infrastructure Services

Bringing Public & Private Sectors Together

Being a private company, we are facilitating private businesses as well as public enterprises with our services and solutions to empower them to find better and convenient solutions for serving the customers.

Expert Methodologies in Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services work on verified methodologies and comprehensive solutions that are enough to cater the complexities of the business environment. For us, each challenge solved is a solution delivered and we do it with complete precision.