Gear up your corporate events with EventCart Enterprise

The all-in-one Event Management platform “EventCart”, has released the EventCart for Enterprise. EventCart makes your event an utter success by helping you all along from initiation to execution.
EventCart a leading name in modern event management has announced to release “EventCart Enterprise” at MWC Americas Conference, 2017. The Enterprise service offers multiple benefits including smart market research, consulting surveys, extensive planning, timely and accurate reporting and unmatchable execution to ascertain the success of your event.
EventCart Enterprise offers all in one easy solution for improved attendee pleasure with both iOS and Android versions, along with other features like CRM and QuickBooks integrations, Single Sign On, data syncing and digital promotional marketing strategies.

On this recent expansion, the Vice President of the company Nabeel Arif said, “We have observed the need of special solution for enterprises and entrepreneurs when it comes to organizing small and large events. EventCart by expanding its services to enterprises is opening the channel for successful event organization, management and execution”.


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