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Event Management Solution – EventCart


We are global specialists in event management solutions. Our combined expertise enables us to offer a complete partnership approach delivering thousands of results-driven, successful events!

EventCart strives towards making in-person marketing efficient and empowers your team to seamlessly create, launch, monitor and promote successful event programs. Give your attendees the superior experience and get the right audience to your event!

All in all, with EventCart; get all your event management needs under one roof and optimize every touch point in one, convenient, accessible place.



Contact Verification System


Our data cleaning services aim not just to clean the data, but we ‘purify’ your data by bringing homogeny to different datasets. TransData helps clients in address verification and transforming incomplete customer data into a complete customer profile. We verify your data against external databases, use our call center to capture unprocurable data and finally update outdated or missing values in every single contact wherever applicable.


Well, don’t be.

Let us examine a sample of your company and/or contact data. Within 24 hours of uploading your data, you’ll receive a report that provides a clear outlook of your data.