Contact Verification and Data Cleansing

Clean, Correct, Verify, Standardize & Remove All Duplications!


Complete Data Cleansing and Verification Solution

TransData offers several data cleansing solutions that benefit your business. We offer data cleaning solution, which increases your business’s productivity and reduce costs and waste. You can correct data errors, standardize the combination of new and existing data, and improve the data’s overall quality. TransData also offers a Data Health Scan Solution, which informs you of any incomplete records and the strength of your email and phone connections (email and phone verification). Furthermore, you can check countless internal and external databases for quality contact verification. And if any parts of your records and contacts are missing, such as area codes, zip codes, or web addresses, you can search to fill in as much of your missing data as possible!

Data Cleaning and Verification

We help you make better decisions by providing you a cleaner and duplicate free data.

Collection of Missing Data

We verify data against external databases, use our call center to capture unprocurable data and finally update outdated or missing values in your data.

Email and Phone Number Verification

We help you save time and provide accuracy to your data including email addresses and phone nos.

Address Verification

We check the validity and deliverability of every physical address.

Our data cleaning services aim not just to clean the data, but we ‘purify’ your data by bringing homogeny to different datasets. After cleansing, a data set should be consistent with similar datasets within the system. We are thorough when it comes to verifications and go the extra mile to solve your data issues.

Enhance Accuracy

From data cleansing to its enhancement, we offer a range of flexible solutions for financial and professional services firms.


Save Time

Get rid of cost and resources of removing old, incomplete or identical data.

Improve Database Integrity

Identify areas lacking quality issues in your organization’s current database and work towards a stronger ‘purified’ database.

Great Pricing Plan

Bridge the Business Gap

Create data into insights, by capturing the right data, keeping it neat and distributing it across sales, marketing and other customer service functions.