With EventCart, We Bring Innovation, Stimulate Change, Build Communities, and Connect People!

Our Features

Embedded Events

Promote your event or sell tickets directly to the customer. EventCart embeds easily on your website or blog and promotes the event like no other.

Social Media Links

Sharing an event was never this easy! With just one click, your attendees can share the event on their social media and become your promoters.

Mobile Friendly

Event Cart empowers you to manage your events on mobile devices with a fully supportive UI.

Manage Complete Database

Event Cart maintains a complete database of the attendees along with all the information that you need for the successful management of your event.

Transforming Events into Experiences, and Experiences into Reminiscences!

Capitalize on the impact of meetings and events by using an easy-to-use platform that leverages the latest technology and provide maximum value.

Simple Design

Because simpler is better! Event Cart mobile app’s easy to use design permits quick navigation and better control.

Fast Registration

Integrated Analytics

Generate valuable information through analytics and use it to improve your future events.

Event Timetable

Stay updated with event schedules and set start/end time to ensure you never miss an event.

Free For Free Events

Online Presence

Share the event to your social media channels after adding all the information to create buzz online.