10 Reasons why Call Centers Fail to Deliver Great Customer Services!

It a known fact that great customer service doesn’t happen overnight. It involves essential components like a well-thought idea, thorough planning, execution, communication and a clan of right people.

According to studies, call centers are investing more and more today in improving their customer service experience (CX) than ever before. However, there are a few findings that also indicates that customers are not facing the results which they should.

Let’s skim down through these top 10 reasons why call centers fail to deliver a great customer service experience as they are supposed to.

1) Undefined Company’s Vision

This is the starting point for everything. This is where the leadership is defined in very clear terms about what the service vision is. It needs to be short, concise and simple enough for the call center agents to understand and this is where many companies fail.

The vision doesn’t necessarily need to be a page or even a paragraph. Just a small sentence is enough. Let’s take Southwest Airlines mission statement as an example that’s posted on the top of company’s website:

“The mission of Southwest Airlines is a dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.” (Source: https://www.southwest.com/)

Look at how simple and on-point the message is. Everyone who would be working with Southwest Airlines knows it and comprehends what it means, and so does the consumer.

2) Not focusing on hiring the right people to match company’s ethnicity

A good hire is not the one with the right attitude but it calls for a complete personality. Though they are closely knotted, there is a notable difference. The best call centers focus on finding the right people with the right attitude and propensity for the job but at the same time, they also consider if he would be a good fit for the company in long-terms.

3) Not training them to deliver the right Customer Experience

Most call centers do not invest the energy, time and effort required to train the soft skills of the call centre agents for internal and external customer dealings. While there are some that do train but do not involve the whole organization into it. It’s important to know their roles and character building in dealing with customers and what impact they have on consumers. There are internal and external customers and both need to be trained on different grounds and everyone needs a proper training.

4) Not providing routine training

Training during on-boarding the employees is just the start and should not be the ultimate. From there on, it’s important to underline the customer service message as the employees are consistently reminded of the basics and continue to grow themselves on the foundation laid.

5) Not Provided the role model leadership

Regrettably, there are bosses out there who bear ” do as I say” attitude. This kind of approach becomes a hindrance in aspiring the employees. A leader should be such who sets an example and shows the employees to do things the right way. His personality should emit the behaviors and values that is expected out of him as a fine leader. What occurs within the walls of the company is felt on the outside by the customer. It’s important what goes on the inside.

6) Not celebrating important milestone

Celebrating successful CX is accomplished with their employees. Every employee likes being appreciated for the good work done. A sense of achievement and fulfillment lift their spirits and motivates them to work with more zeal. It’s vital to let employees know when things are in good health. Recognizing departments individually, and celebrating the success with the entire company is the strengthening point of an organization.

7) Not valuing the customer service or CX

Customer service is not just a department or a strategy. It is a school of thought that is to be held onto by every employee from the higher wing of the management, up to the recently hired employee. The same goes for the customer experience. Every employee working for a said organization holds some impact on the customer, though not much apparent on the front lines; but even departments with little involvement does affect the overall organization’s culture.

8) Not treating employees and customers alike

Imagine a manager who is known for rebuking his employees and after an unpleasant dialogue of words asks his employees to talk with the customers politely and just be plain nice to them. How intimidating is it for an employee to be shouted at and then reminded to act all happy and nice? It defies the Employee Golden Rule i.e.,

“Treat your employees, or the people you work with, the same way you want the customer to be treated.”

9) Not Giving the Customers Feedback importance

According to studies,  leadership wing believes that the level of customer service that call centers provide is higher than what the customers consider the company can deliver.  Having ongoing surveys and acting upon customer’s feedback is very important. This ensures customer’s satisfaction and affirms the right call to do things.  Ideally, this is going to happen: ” The organization at the very least will meet customer’s expectations.”

10) Profit-Focused and Not Customer-Focused

The last but not the least, organizations have a preference for gaining more profits and don’t follow a customer-focused approach in order to build customer relationships. This is a BIG blow!

Rather, investing that money over the customers might help in bringing more sales. A customer should always be given the top-most priority, higher above the money and money in time will follow. Needless to say, all these golden points if followed correctly, gets you on the right path to build a long-term, sustainable customer relationship.