10 Reasons Why Managed Service Provider Should Matter to your Organization: PART 1

Just imagine.

How large your IT department needs to be in order to fulfill everyday business’s IT demands. Let’s say, you have internal systems to take care of; websites maintenance, development, business continuity, disaster recovery, hardware costs, storage center, cabling, datacenter, servers, etc.

Already exhausted? Come to think of how much time and cost it’s going to take for all other departments to manage this amount of work?

It will outstrip the performance of every other department!

Not to mention the budgetary and headcount chaos it’s going to create. Additionally, it takes the focus away from more pressing business needs, instead, all the valuable time is spent in managing and supporting technology.

That’s where a Managed Service Provider (MSP) comes to the rescue! An MSP helps in bridging the gap between the propensity of your IT department and the ever increasing demand for fast-paced, high-performance business technology. It does this by generating solutions for the density of private, public as well as hybrid clouds. MSP are experts in their domain and they use their resources to gather up technologies, software, and solutions and as a whole present them ‘as a service’.

Here are 10 reasons which validate why you need to outsource IT operations to a Managed Service Company.

1) Infrastructure on demand

The infrastructure of a cloud is assembled via code. However, it would require months for in-house software engineers to develop a script from scratch that configures all of your applications.

Outsourcing such to MSPs has a greater advantage as they have with them whole libraries of such scripts, ready and waiting with proper security and compliance solutions. All that’s required is a little tweaking to be done to cater to the needs of each client’s unique case. Hence, managed cloud solutions can be set up faster, saving enormous amounts of time, expenses, and money.

2) Definitive Service Level Agreement (SLA)

You will get what you asked for and you will pay for what you asked. Guaranteed!

Generally, they can be selected on the basis of the level of guarantee provided. In case you have a development of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment, you may not need as high an assurance as, for instance, a billing system.

3) Developers can focus on developing code

When software is out there getting evolved, making sure that your developers are utilizing their time efficiently is a business-critical task. An efficient managed service company will take good care of the automation and instrumentation of infrastructure. This leaves your developers free to focus on the software that matters to your business.

4) Down to business Support

A dependable Managed Services Company will keep an eye on your infrastructure and proactively initiate resolving issues in the event of a fall in performance or a slipup. This means you can stay away from expensive upkeep and downtime that may cost you by losing clients to a well-equipped business.

The problem will be resolved as if it never existed.

5) Best Practices / Area of Expertise

A Managed Service Provider’s vast team of experienced and dedicated professionals have specific industry knowledge in their domain, especially security and conformity issues. Their decisions are generally more pronounced at making the decision of how to steer clear of the possibility of threat in their areas of expertise. Outsourcing companies are formulated to handle such crisis without letting any harm done to your everyday operations.

Stay tuned for part two of this series, where we’ll talk about remaining important benefits of outsourcing IT operations to a Managed Service Company.