12 Simple Tips to Make Your Web Chat Support Game Mind-Blogging

Web chat support is a service that is provided by websites to engage with their customers and clients easily. It basically works like a support window that is present at the bottom of a webpage through which the customer can type relevant queries, file complaints, give feedback and get information regarding various products. When a customer types a query, a designated customer support person handles it. He replies to his question accordingly.

What’s most important to any business is that their customers are being attended timely and treated nicely. Satisfying the customers is the ultimate reason for integrating chat windows on the website. The job of customer support service is not as simple as many assume. It is a very tricky function. And, if you are supposed to handle this job of attending customers on web chat support you need to be well versed at meeting customers’ expectations. You have to be very responsible for your role and pleasant to people. It requires your thorough attention, passion for helping and vigilance.

Here, I am going to mention some tips through which you can take your web chat support game to the next level.

Tip # 1: Accept The Chat Quickly:

Time matters most, and your company understands it well. That’s why it is using web chat service to ensure to respond to customers quickly. Don’t take much time to attend. No one likes to wait, neither you nor I. Take the chat as soon as possible for you. Ensure to greet each customer maximum within twenty seconds as they post a query. Trust me it is no fun for them to wait in a chat box of a website that clearly figures out that the service is a provider is here to assist clients 24/7. Data reveals that every fifth customer complains about too long wait time during web chat. It indulges customers in wrath and may cost you their step off. Try responding as quickly as possible, and it will be best if you maintain an average wait time of fewer than 20 seconds.

Tip # 2: Greeting Comes First:

Once accepted the chat, land with courteous greetings. Don’t exceed your professional boundaries. While greeting customers you are not supposed to be excessively frank, friendly or too rude. Stay in your professional tone, while being a little friendly at the same time. Here comes an example: Hi Sara, Thanks for contacting XYZ support, how may I help you? Or, “Hello Jeremy, we appreciate your query are highly regretful that we are not providing these features currently.”

Tip # 3: Be Attentive:

After accepting the chat, you are supposed to forget every single thing about your personal space or life. Disconnect instantly from your colleagues and focus entirely on your customer. Keep your negative energy in your pocket and dive in with a cheerful and attentive mood.

Tip # 4: Collect Customer Details:

The next step is to identify your customers correctly, inquire and probe him as much as you can. Remember not to stray from collecting too less or too much information. See if they are an existing customer, or if they are currently trialing your product and want to know about specific details. If the customer doesn’t appear in your system at all, he might be a new customer or might have contacted a wrong company. In that case, you should connect the customer to the right company if you can.

Tip # 5: Focus On The Subject:

The most important thing is to read the chat subject very carefully. Some customers just put in their query directly into the subject box, while others might not put their query directly in the subject box. You are supposed to ask relevant questions if things are unclear to you. Avoid making assumptions on your own about their requirements. This is a crucial aspect of web chat support dealing that you must make things clear before proceeding. Where a right guess may help, false assumptions come with long-lasting consequences by taking you to suggest wrong solutions.

Tip # 6: Treating Multiple Queries:

Customer support job is assumed to be very hectic. There is always a probability of a hectic day full of queries and problems.  You may have to deal with many customers at the same time, coming with different questions. Observing patience and mental relaxation can make your task easier. If you cannot manage overwhelming stuff at the same time, worry not. You are advised to take the process a little slower. Don’t rush for different things simultaneously because we don’t suppose to create a mess. It is recommended to read the query more than once to be assured of the solution that you are going to provide.

Tip # 7: Research Time:

If a query that is posted by a customer is a little complex and requires your extra attention, and you need some time to research you are supposed to inform the customer that it might take a while for you to respond to their query. It is entirely unethical to leave a customer lingering and waiting for you just like it’s no big deal.

Tip # 8: Use of Emotions:

They are human and they also aspect humanity from you. Otherwise, a robot can also handle their queries well. Use emoticons, yes you read that right. I am advising you to use emoticons wherever you can use them.  Try to go into the customer mind and deal with him accordingly. While dealing with a customer sometimes it happens that customers presume high professional tone a rude attitude. Try your best not to make them feel so. At any point, if you think a problem eradicate it by indulging their sentiments. I utterly recommend to use emoticons wherever possible in the chat, but ensure to remain biased and avoid overreacting.

Tip # 9: Implement The Solution:

If you are working for an IT related website, you don’t have to suggest the solution only. You are supposed to implement the solution on your system first that you are going to recommend the customer. Practicing the solution on your system or site might give you a better idea of how it will work. You will also be able to remove out any flaws if found. If you are unsure about the solution that you are providing to the customer or if some of their queries are unclear to you, take a stop. Ask your colleagues or technical persons about it first, then ping back to the customer with an optimized solution.

Tip # 10: Empathize:

Being CSR means being empathic. It is a must-have skill set for customer support professionals whether they are dealing with calls, web chats, email or app queries. Make sure to put yourself in the customer’s feet and feel their situation empathetically. You will be able to come up with a better outcome ultimately. It is crucial to see the problem from the customer’s point of view rather than yours to provide the solution accordingly.

Tip # 11: Be Detailed And Precise At The Same Time:

Being precise and detailed at the same time matters most to be a prosperous CSR. Using simple vocabulary rather than technical jargons in the chat is essential. Use short sentences to communicate. It will make the solution more definite and easy to understand. On the other hand, it is also vital to cover every technical and conceptual detail if needed. You are also supposed to explain to the customer the entire process through which you came up with the solution, so next time they could try to solve their problem on their own.

Tip # 12: Ending The Chat:

Don’t rush to finish the chat without a proper closing. Before going to terminate, ask the customer if they want further assistance. Don’t forget to ask about their satisfaction level about the recommended solution and customer service. It is also recommended to end the chat on a high note, and you must not abruptly end just by saying goodbye. End it making them feel that you would like to hear from them soon again and enjoy solving their problems.

Providing an efficient customer support service is not a cup of cake. Where you suppose to have sound grip on your product there, you also need to possess human qualities of emotions and empathy. You should put yourself in customers’ shoes to understand them better and deliver the best solution to their needs.