5 Trends to Shape Up Customer Service in 2018

2018 is exactly the year what we anticipated – a year of transformation and innovation in the customer service industry.

The expectations of customers tend to grow and the role of customer service agents have become more important in meeting the demands of the customers. It is one of those industries that changes too quickly and being a part of it, staying ahead in the competition is crucial if you want to retain your customers and explore more opportunities for growth. Businesses need to realize that through strong customer service, they can gain a competitive advantage during the entire sales process.

Without further ado, let’s discuss 5 trends in customer service industry that are expected to further enhance customer service this year!

Self-Service Solutions

One of the major reasons why more companies are looking to invest in customer service technology is that the demands of customers are increasing consistently and they are more open to self-service solutions. The self-service solution is not just limited to the customers but agents also. The customer service staff should be empowered to provide all the information based on the products they have upon request of the customer. A very popular self-service provider is Desk.com that allows branded sites to provide self-service facility to the customers.

Internal & External Automation

Automation was one process that was not as popular in customer service as it is with other departments of businesses. As per Forrester, automation and artificial intelligence are going to be two revolutionary trends that have the power to take customer service to new heights and make it an integral part of any business. Using chatbots can increase the engagement rate and help in securing contact information of the customers like names, contact numbers, and addresses. The automation process can also be used internally that can direct the tickets and calls to the available agents.

Online Communities

The nature of business of some companies does not allow them to hire staff to provide 24/7 customer services. However, customers always want quick answers to their queries. According to statistics, 25% people want to engage with brands by joining the community of brand fans. The greatest benefit of incorporating online communities is that the customers get help whenever they want. Social media can be used to form online communities but you can also use marketing applications like Community Cloud.

Live Chat

In the past couple of years, Live Chat has changed the way companies used to provide customer service to their customers. The recent facts and figures suggest that 35% companies are still using traditional ways of providing customer care, which means there is still room for improvement. Self-service, although, has become more knowledgeable, the significance of providing support in real-time cannot be neglected. To make Live Chat more innovative, companies can look to support live chat sessions for mobile devices – it hasn’t been done and can help in improving customer experience.

Mobile Apps

There’s absolutely no doubt in the fact that over the past few years, mobile apps have upped the game in providing customer services. With the growing use of smartphone all around the world, mobile apps are still a very useful tool to reach out to the customers. If your business already has a mobile app, you can integrate customer support feature into it so that customers can reach out to you at the time of need.

In all the 5 trends discussed above, two things are common; technology and communication enablement. In this year, companies will keep looking for technologies that will help them improve their customer experience.

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