Accelerate your Product Development Process through these Steps

Developing a product for a startup business is a make or break situation!

It doesn’t matter how many or how fewer products you develop, if the quality is not there, you cannot attract more customers and for that, having a sharp, but streamlined product development process is highly crucial as relying on an ad-hoc approach is not efficient.

Although the steps of product development vary according to the nature of the business; but most businesses follow these 5 basic steps while developing products.

Product Idea Generation

The first step is to find ideas for the product. For this reason, you can ask your employees who have to deal with customers regularly. Conduct customer surveys on existing products offered by other businesses to know what you can offer differently. Try to look for areas where you can introduce useful products to solve certain problems. For example, if you are looking in the e-commerce sector, you can go for website development and other areas where the scope is wide and the chances of making it big are enormous. Once you have listed all the ideas, seek feedback from your employees as well as customers to know if the idea is really worth investing time on.

Critical Analysis of the Idea

Once you have finalized a few ideas, it is now time to critically analyze the ideas from a business point of view. Even though the scope in the e-commerce world is vast but this analysis is important. Being a businessman, you should determine if competition exists for similar products. During this step, you should also estimate the costs affiliated with the product to determine the profit margin.

Develop Prototype and Advertise

In this step, develop a prototype of the product and share it with your key partners and customers. It will help you get valuable feedback that you can use to make any changes or modifications to your prototype before finalizing the product. This is a good practice to do considering your product will be perfect for the launch. After the prototype is ready to go, you can start marketing your product. The marketing team will use the feedback to design the marketing campaign like advertising on social media, getting brochures ready and others.

Market Testing

After getting all the feedback and marketing the product, look for any enhancements you can make to the product. If necessary, develop more prototypes for market testing to check how it performs. Under ideal conditions, launch the product in a small area to check if the product sells and evaluate the reason why the sales are low or high, as the case may be. After this market testing, you will be able to ascertain what more can be done to make the product better before the final launch in the market. If you have developed an e-commerce store, you should make it available to the audience of a specific location before going live.

Launch the Product

After you have completed all the above steps successfully, prepare the product for the final launch. All the information you have acquired from the above steps should be incorporated so that there are no loopholes in the product and it is ready for the audience. If the product has some issues, it will not sell well in the market and the customers will not be able to connect with it.

Product development needs careful research and a lot of time so that your business can get the desired results. The above steps may seem easy but need to be followed prudently so that the chances of going wrong can be minimized. It is, therefore, essential to acquire the services of professionals in the specific domain having vast experience in this field. TransData can help you in offering product development services for e-commerce stores to help you in attracting and engaging target audiences.

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