Artificial Intelligence: Applications, Dangers, Future

Perhaps the simplest definition of Artificial Intelligence would be, “Computer Science Discipline which deals with techniques of imitating human thinking process in machines”.

This comprises learning, rules of learning, reasoning and wandering in the complex maze of the human brain to conclude what needs to be concluded. Does it sound impossible for machines? Well, impossible is nothing. Artificial Intelligence today is the point of attention of most of the computer scientists and they have achieved a certain level of success in their mission as well. According to most scientists, the ghost of AI is about to engulf the human race in a couple of decades, with all its pros and cons. It is better to be ready for those inevitable times.

Some people just only think about robots when they hear the term Artificial Intelligence. It would not have happened, were it not science fiction movies. They have tricked the public into thinking that Robotic Sciences are the only wonder of AI. Truth is that AI is sufficient to handle Google’s search algorithms to self-driving cars.

Gone are the days when AI was merely science fiction. Now it has made its way to a number of different areas. In health care, you have different devices that can perform a better diagnosis than humans can, because they use machine learning. We will discuss machine learning later. Then there are chatbots, which can answer the questions online and assist patients in keeping follow up with appointments and pay the medical bills.  We may use the same chatbots for business and educational purposes, as well.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence:

Automation is one of the best examples of Artificial Intelligence. You program a machine to perform high-volume repeatable tasks. When you try the same without programming, it yields one of the most prominent uses of AI, called machine learning. Another frequent area is natural language processing (NLP). It is the processing of human languages via a computer program. NLP is extensively used for spam detection.

Two Categories:

Today’s Artificial Intelligence is more commonly known as narrow or weak AI. As the name implies it is for narrow purposes. Facial recognition is the most common example.

Second and yet un-achieved type is General AI or strong AI. It would be capable of outperforming humans in almost any cognitive task and not confined to playing chess or solving equations. It can find the solution to new problems without needing human intervention.

Applications of AI:

With every passing day, new applications of AI enter the market and provide a variety of purposes. Let us discuss some amazing and unbelievable applications of Artificial Intelligence.

1.Virtual Chef

Imagine you are cooking, and there is a virtual chef sitting next to you. He is guiding you step by step so that you can comfortably cook the delicious culinary delight you have been craving for weeks.

Here you will find help for creating an amazing recipe based on the ingredients available in your kitchen. Meticulously written AI algorithms will find several dishes you can make with complete recipes. That is more than enough to show you the glimpse of creative potential AI holds inside it.

2.Cars That Don’t Need Drivers

It is not just science fiction, but the real milestone achieved by AI specialists. Tesla is the first brand to launch self-driving vehicle. Audi and Volvo are also in the process of developing their models.

3. Save Eco-System

Many people think that progress in AI would eventually result in many people losing their jobs. There would come a day when humans would have to revolt and denounce machines from their planet. However, for the moment, let us focus on positive aspects.

AI can even save the ecosystem and flourish human and animal life on planet earth by preventing them from destructive effects of developments. Companies like Microsoft are using AI to study land patterns with terrain maps. Understanding these patterns deeply would enable them to devise and implement better preservation techniques.

4.Search For Extra-Terrestrial Life

Maybe ‘the nothingness’ haunts us, humans, more than the feeling of being only and lonely intelligent creature in the universe. We might feel accompanied by finding out other intelligent life somewhere. Well, NASA is using a lot of AI to reveal the answer to this enthralling question.


It is the key for MARS 2020 mission, which is supposed to scrutinize the red planet.

1.Marketing, Accounting & Financing

If AI can do this much, why not manage your accounting and finances. Smacc is the best tool for both of these areas. Just upload your receipts and system will convert them into a legible format for computers, encrypt them and save them in your account.

AI is also the right hand of marketers and retailers. Social Media is powerful enough to know the likes and dislikes of people and let the retailers know about their target audience. For an ad, you can find the most profitable audience very easily.

Dangers of AI:

Throughout history, human imagination has been responsible for science fiction fantasies. In every period, new theories and inventions have been the points of terrifying discussions. Our innovation and curiosity have blurred the boundaries of fiction and fantasy.

Over the years, AI has been one of the hottest topics in science fiction discussion groups. According to rumors, many popular names in the tech industry have been showing exemplary attitude when they were asked about AI. The meanings of their statements seem something like this, “Monitor AI carefully, or it would start monitoring you.”

According to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, AI is tantamount to summoning a demon. Stephen Hawking said that advancements in AI could become a fatal mistake of humanity.

Well, we do not know these personalities really said these things or not so better not ponder it. Let us talk about things with evidence. There are different scenarios in which AI can be lethal. Let us talk about some basic risks it may impose.

  • Risk of Accident They say zero knowledge is better than half knowledge. It is unbelievably true in this scenario. Half knowledge sometimes wreaks havoc just through small misjudgment. Just like human beings, AI may also behave abnormally if provided incomplete data and make unjust decisions.
  • Risk of Programmed By Cult Never underestimate human proclivity to violence and evil. Any cult, any terrorist group can deliberately program AI to be hostile. It would have dreadful consequences like atrocities, massacres, and bloodshed. It is very important to keep an eye on the hands that control AI.
  • Risk Of Apathy AI is free from rudimentary human emotions. It does not know any love, happiness, regret, sadness, and safety. It is very apathetic and this apathy can take its toll in unimaginably frightening ways. For example, when you program it to dust the crops with pesticide, it would dust a field no matter what. It would not care about the farmer standing somewhere amid the crops.
  • Risk Of Unknown According to some people, uncertainty is the biggest risk. AI is capable of upgrading itself and learn from experiences. In various scenarios, its behavior can go unpredictable. Anonymous risks can be more intimidating because you cannot pre-plan anything to avoid them. You cannot devise any weapon for the beast you have never seen.Future of Al

    Future of AI

    Ever since the beginnings of times, we have been curious about the future. Sometimes we try to look a glimpse of tomorrow in our palms. Sometimes we gaze the shining stars and expect them to reveal things, we have no mechanism to see. However, scientists have always been focusing on concrete evidence and facts to predict the future. Let us discuss the future of our main subject. Yes the future of AI.

    Time has no reverse wheels, neither has the technology!  It keeps moving forward with breakneck speeds. Similar is the case of AI. In the last few years, scientists have made breakthroughs in “machine learning,” using neural networks. The powerful neural networks, which completely mimic the processes of real neurons. We will tell you about three things that would be possible in the near future, because of progress in AI. Come let us take a glance at the future.

    • Cyborg Technology– It would be possible to augment ourselves with computers and enhance many of our natural abilities. Some of these possible cyborg enhancements would be added for convenience and some would serve purposes that are far more practical. It would be no less than a blessing for people with amputated limbs. The patient could communicate via a robotic limb.
    • Handling Dangerous Jobs– Hazardous, jobs like bomb defusing have already been taken by robots. They have saved thousands of lives. Other dangerous jobs like welding which results in absorbing a lot of heat are also being considered for AI integration.
    • Comradery – Though there is still no AI device, which completely understands human emotions, this project is also under construction. You never know when it materializes. There is a reason behind I used word comradery instead of companionship and friendship.

    In 2014, the Japanese company introduced a robot called “Peeper”. It was programmed to read human emotions, develop its own emotions and try to make its companion humans, happy.

    In The Nutshell

    However, we cannot predict the exact future. But it is quite evident that interacting with AI will soon become an everyday activity. The interactions will clearly help society evolve, specifically in regards to automated transportation, cyborgs, handling dangerous duties, solving climate change, friendships and improving the care of our elders. Yeah, there are some grim predictions, but it is better to see the bright side of the picture.

    We hope the article really showed the detailed picture of AI, and you find it interesting. You are more than welcome to share your opinion in the comments section.