What is better? Virtual teams vs in-house teams!


What kind of person you are? A person who wants his team to be on desk sharp at 8am? And you don’t allow them to leave office early if they have movie plans on week days? And after all these restrictions you want them to be productive? Well, not your fault, 90% bosses got the same behavior towards their team members and they don’t prefer remote work. That’s totally justified. Don’t blame yourself.

Let’s clear the old story first, 9 to 6 job timings are suitable for everyone and people don’t go through emergencies and friends gatherings in weekdays. They do sir! So, isn’t it better to get the work done by remote teams? In this era of technology, people are used to of enjoying freedom. They enjoy their work but at the same time they are concerned about their space. That is the reason why more and more people are getting projects and moving out of the offices.

As everything has a dark side too, similarly the trick of successful work done by remote teams is make sure team members are responsible and they knows the moral values of teamwork. No matter what the time is midnight or after noon, you can always get in touch with your remote team and ask for the reporting sessions because they are supposed to be more efficient and responsive without staring at the watch.

Cut down the cost of daily tea or coffee serving
This is the obvious and most common nature of expense, if you have in-house team, they people have demands too. By hiring a remote team you can always jump through these expenses and add on this cost to their salaries. The biggest advantage of this step is you can hire comparatively professional person and get the quality work done. Even the multinational companies are adopting this trend of remote work because of productive results.

Remote workers are more dedicated
Stop me if I am wrong but remote workers are more dedicated towards their work as compare to face-to-face employees. I am not objecting over the productivity of in-house people but the thing is quality work always done by the people who loves their job and do not take it as a responsibility. According to the latest research by Stanford University, remote people are always ahead as compare to face-to-face counterparts, in respect of deadlines, creativity and productivity. Eventually, let’s conclude that virtual teams are more enthusiastic about their work and always provide you something big.

Remote workers are more accountable
Hiring a remote team is not that challenging and it doesn’t mean you are losing confidence over manpower resources. Remote teams have their managers too in order to keep them on track. Reliable and well-established offshore vendors make sure the work is good to meet client’s requirement and then pass it over. There are no hand-holdings for remote teams, only high performing tasks can help them to save their jobs and maintain reputable profiling.  

Work, we can’t overcome the value of work in our life. Human civilization is based on work and related scenarios. Big developments are the rewards of human laboring which has given the organization a legal separate entity on the planet. So, in-house team or virtual teams wherever you go for just do not forget to appreciate their work. Enjoy!