Choosing Network Automation Tools – A Complete Guide

“Every company is an IT company” – a phrase that we hear too often these days because of the growing use of IT equipment and technology in businesses worldwide. It might be true to some extent for some businesses but for the majority of them, it is not possible to keep up with the rapid advancements because of the limited budget even when the executives are in the favor of evolution. Technology plays a key role in getting new products to the market and creating an image of your business. However, the only hurdles in your way to keep up with the pace of technology are budget and lack of time. So, how are you going to incorporate technology into your business processes and improvise the business automation processes? The answer is network automation.

Once you have decided to start with a network automation project, comes the time to choose the tools you will be needing for automation. As you know, network automation is not a small task that you can complete within minutes and you have to make sure that the tools you are using are suitable for your business. Being a business owner, you cannot invest all your time testing which tools can derive the best results for you and this is the reason why we have compiled a list of network automation tools that you can use.

For Source-Code Control

When it comes to the most popular source-code control management (SCM) tools, Git is the best you can find. It is available on many platforms and offers the best solution for managing codes. As more and more of your business environment is becoming code-based – in form of configuration templates, scripts, and configuration – SCM has gained a lot of importance. Git enables you to take advantage of processes that programmers have used for years combined with the ability to compare different versions and access to read or modify those files while efficiently reviewing the proposed changes. Moreover, it can be combined with other tools as well such as Gitlab to store the repository on a remote server.

For Script Building

Building scripts is not an easy job particularly when you are just starting. However, there are thousands of pre-made modules that can be used to simplify this hectic task. One of those modules is Netmiko that has the ability to manage the uniqueness of SSH to many types of network devices. Using this tool, you can focus on your goal rather than implementing every function from scratch. Besides Netmiko, there are other tools available as well including Virtualenv that is designed to manage Python environments. These tools can help you automate your script building process effectively.

For General Configuration Management

IT automation systems are not just limited to scripting languages but there are general-purpose configuration management systems as well as the power of which are hard to describe in words. These tools were originally developed to automate an extensive range of tasks in the IT sector and are supported in different industries. The businesses with more than a few servers to manage are using one or more of these tools. Some of the giants in this area include Puppet, Chef, and Ansible. These tools are open-source and free to try as well. However, additional features like graphical user interfaces can be acquired with a nominal fee.

Benefits of Network Automation in IT

The benefits of network automation in IT spread wide to almost all the functions of a business organization. Making IT more effective in this fast-paced market can help your business compete like a victor in the market.

Take auditing for example. A statutory audit is necessary if you want to ensure that your financial statements represent the true and fair value of the financial position. The employees of the organization, particularly those in a managerial position, have to provide the complete details of the financial matters to the audit team. If the documents are kept in an organized manner by taking the help of IT, the time and effort can be reduced without compromising on the other tasks.

Being in the business, you may have devised your own set of golden rules but we have a new addition to your collection.

“Every opportunity to reduce the time required to complete a task helps you to achieve your business goals more quickly than anticipated.”

Learning about the tools is not enough – you have to learn how to implement them in the processes of the business. TransData offers managed IT services and advanced business automation services to steer you in the right direction. We can help you make the most out of the available tools and use them in the good faith of your business. Our team works in close collaboration with you to ensure that the tools being used are generating the optimal results. If you want to learn more, just send an email to and we will get back to you.