Choosing the Right E-Commerce Development Platform

A company that offers tangible products and have a website to showcase them, it’s more likely that they have entered the lucrative world of E-Commerce. Maybe they find their sales sufficient enough and may not require making any further improvements. Maybe they find this idea isn’t worth their time or effort. But come to think of this as a golden opportunity which makes your monthly sales spike up to $1000? Maybe $10,000 or perhaps to a whopping $100,000? Would you still not want to give it a shot?

I bet you do!

With one simple addition of an E-Commerce Website, the prospects of connecting to loyal and potential customers can enhance at a greater rate than usual. But here’s the thing, if your website is not properly set up, it’s more likely that it won’t engage visitors or simply, won’t attract customers to increase brand recognition.

Below is a list of important fundamentals that needs to be considered in order to have a successful and profitable E-Commerce website.

Product information should be concise, yet detailed!

The visitors who come to your website are your greatest assets!

They must know all the details of the product they are buying from you. If there is ambiguity in the information provided, chances are you are losing a buyer already. Make sure all the important features are listed. The best way to do this is to consider yourself as a layman who knows nothing about the product. Is the information provided on the website sufficient and compelling enough to make an informed decision?

Putting up all the required information is one thing and blowing them with unnecessary content is another. Make sure the visitors do not have to wade through paragraphs and paragraphs to reach the desired information. List down the most important features first and give the additional information later on related to the specifics of the product. In the end, include a decent picture of the product as well as a nice description to go with it making sure you are not overdoing it.

Get a Suitable On-Site Search Engine on board!

Using the search feature on an E-Commerce website is undoubtedly the most important feature but it becomes frustrating when you can’t find the result you are looking for. Instead, you are bombarded with dozens of undesired results.

Reliable and competent search engine software is the solution to this issue!

If you keep a large inventory of products, make sure to introduce smart filtering to search options and redefine your searching criteria.

Make the Checkout Process as easy as it can be!

While shopping in a brick and mortar store, the product is selected, the customer waits in the line, pays and leave. Why couldn’t that be any simpler in E-commerce website.

Well it can.

Selecting a shipping method is one of the most necessary steps to take while shopping online but collectively, all the process can be relatively less frustrating if carried out properly.

Ideally, less clicks and less sifting through pages in purchasing a product would be a win-win situation for both, the customer and the seller. The checkout process should preferably be confined to one page but if that’s not possible, make all the information related to shipping such as mailing, payment options, billing address etc., on one page. Assimilating anything else in between, is only going to make the customer frustrated eventually and making them to leave the website.

Best case scenario, they might make the purchase, but they won’t come back!

User-Friendly and Logical Navigation

Easier the navigation process, more will be your customer base!

Your e-commerce website should be such which makes it easier for the customers to navigate through. If the user experience of your website is paying off well, it’s bound to make customers return back to your website. It is imperative to put menus and links to product categories in a visible place and naming them correctly.

In addition to this, make sure, each of the pages on your website gives an easy way to get back to home page, get hands on contact information, switch to any other category or go directly to shopping cart.

Layout and Design of Shopping Cart

The features and design of a shopping cart is as important as the whole website. Apart from displaying the information correctly, a shopping cart layout must be simple, should display the company’s branding information (logos, colors etc.), and should be aesthetically pleasing. The checkout buttons should be prominent and must contain essentials facilitating the customer’s needs. Such as:

  • Changing the quantities of the product purchased
  • Shipping Methods
  • Discounted Offers and Promo Codes
  • Payment Options
  • Adding more items to cart or continue shopping

Most importantly, providing as many payment options as possible! By limiting your payment options such as Visa and MasterCard only or Paypal, is only restraining your chances of a transactions hence affecting your overall trading.

We’ve outlined the process to help you get going in developing a successful and profitable E-Commerce website. It’s time you get the ball rolling and get the best out of it!