Cleansed Data Can Do Wonders – SERIOUSLY!!

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So we recently moved into our new office and while I share a few pictures of our AWESOME team and fabulous office interior, I took the honor to publish this new article too.

I have met a lot of people in the recent past and talked to them about the worth of “Correct Data” and what value it can bring for their sales and marketing team? People usually underestimate how important it is to gain best results for all the effort sales does to win a customer, and it all begins with one thing; ‘Correct Data’.I have coached and showed them that Data Validation is not a one-time effort but it’s a complete science and an ongoing process.

According to CNN an average person changes 4 jobs by the time they are 32, and according to Forbes; staying at the same employer for more than 2 years can cost you 50% or more in your lifetime earnings and therefore with a workforce of millennials 45% of them stay less than two years with their employers and move to the next big challenge in their career.

It is a constant ongoing battle and keeping the B2B Data up-to-date is a huge challenge for any company regardless of what niche market they serve. It was not an easy path getting into Data Validation and constantly maturing our product and service to provide 100% Data Accuracy with 97% Validated Data.

Currently companies bind themselves into contracts where they pay a hefty license or data usage fee to companies to get data, but there is no mechanism to “Cleanse” or “Validate” that data. Companies realize that their data is outdated when they try to reach a contact and get bounced back and at that time they spend their efforts in digging correct data rather than prospecting. Timing is everything and timing comes with an opportunity and an opportunity can be successful only if your timing is right!

We also hear a lot of people say that it’s all about the “right messaging” but no one realizes that in all of this, the primary important piece of the puzzle is to get that right message to the “Right Person”. Think of the fact that your whole marketing team has worked day and night to put the right messaging for a product that went into production after 6-8 months of tiring development effort and millions were spent to launch. All that messaging will be of a complete waste if the audience you were going to target through your CRM Data was not up to date. Bad Data only yields bad results and bad results lead to complete failure! However, Imagine:

  • Imagine the impact of successful email deliveries if all your CRM database is up to date?
  • Imagine the results that your email campaign can yield with the combination of “right messaging”?
  • Imagine the fact that not a single email is bounced back or just having that direct phone number of a prospect you have been trying to reach but those gatekeepers keep pushing you back?
  • Imagine that your team does not  waste their time to dig for that “one contact” but it is already updated for them.
  • Imagine your team purchased a list for attending a conference but before running that email campaign to set those F2F meetings at your booth, all your data is validated and the data health of the list is available.

It’s not just Contact Verification, it’s a complete science!