Five Proven Ways of Product Promotion Via Digital Marketing Roa

Do you keep wondering why your product is alien to your potential audience, despite your efforts? Are you tired of the traditional ways of product promotion? Do you want to know how to do it in today’s digital age? Well, then this post is for you. We will tell you about five remarkable and proven ways of product promotion, using digital marketing techniques.

Let us consider the situation! You have designed a product after months of hard work. But how would hard work pay off if no one knows about your product? Promotion is necessary for the sale. You must look for different platforms where you can promote the product efficiently. It should be done a result-oriented way. Now you are at the point, where you cannot overlook digital marketing.

But what exactly is digital marketing? The type of marketing that uses electronic devices and an Internet is called Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is indispensable for product promotion in 2019. Let us enlist a couple of facts to demonstrate the power of digital marketing.

In today’s world, the users of the Internet are exponentially increasing every day.  In the last three years, it has increased to 3%, says research.

A product needs a profound online presence, to increase sales. Only that would lead to boosting up online shopping. Do not even think about offline marketing. It is left somewhere far behind.

But not everyone knows how to drive on the road of digital marketing. The right methods and strategies are the key to success. Wrong methodologies just cause the wastage of time. You should know the right way to promote the product.

Let us not waste time anymore and dive into the very core of the subject. How to promote your product with the help of digital marketing. We will discuss a number of tools that can really help.

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook is the evergreen platform for digital marketing and product promotion. Here is what statistics tell us:

  • Nearly 3 billion people use social media. Half of them are on Facebook.
  • Facebook has 2.23 billion monthly active users.
  • Facebook has 1.47 billion daily active users.
  • Around 79 percent of people, who are online, use Facebook.
  • Approximately 76 percent of Facebook users search for interesting content.
  • Almost 74 percent of people use Facebook for professional reasons.

Impressive numbers, aren’t they? Your target market must be on Facebook. Nothing can help you as much as Facebook ads in getting your product in front of the customer.

Facebook is the best place to sell any kind of product. However, keep in mind that product should be legal not in any form violate marketing policies of Facebook.

Take the maximum advantage of Facebook. There are so many users, that you can be sure that their tastes and purchasing behaviors are just as diversified. Some of the products that get the most number of clicks on Facebook are Tech, Apparel, Retail, Fitness, Health, and Beauty.

Be clear about your goals. You should know very well, why you are using Facebook ads in the first place.

2. Google Ads

Second best and proven method for product promotion is to use Google Ads. In fact, Google Ads is the main revenue source of Google. There must be something great about it.

Google Ads is a type of pay-per-click (PPC) ad. An advertiser pays the ad publisher each time a new lead clicks on the ad. Google Ads can help your business appear on the coveted first page of search engine results. Let us look at the facts and figures.

  • Nearly 64.6% of people click on Google ads any time they are looking to buy something online.
  • Paid clicks account for almost 66% of buyer intent keywords.
  • 4 out of every 5 businesses that engage in PPC campaigns, pick Google Ads. Obviously, Google’s fame makes them do this.
  • Brand awareness may boost up to 46% from PPC ad campaigns such as Google Ads.

Google Ads have immense potential, which can double your investment if you choose to advertise on this platform. Various PPC metrics make it easily measurable, as they help you to see what is working and what is not. It actually is faster than SEO because you can start getting impressions and clicks right away.

Moreover, Google Ads is comparatively easier than SEO. It is easier to learn and requires less effort for maintenance as well. Google Ads complements other marketing efforts that you may have going. An appropriate example is remarketing, which targets those who have shown interest.

Google Ads is the guaranteed method of driving traffic to your website. You can be sure that leads clicking your ads are qualified because they are searching for keywords or topics that are relevant to your product. 

3. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

SEO is vital in the process of product promotion. SEO is the process or technique that makes web pages easy to find, easy to crawl and easy to categorize. Search Engine Optimization is all about helping potential customers find your business and ultimately discover and buy your product. If SEO is done correctly, then the chances of your website showing up on the first search engine results page (SERP) will definitely grow.

Surveys reveal that nearly 74% of consumers use search engines like Google to find out about local businesses. And given how consumers usually scan and review the first couple of pages, having your website at the top of the SERPS would be perfect.

Now let us talk about SEO and digital marketing. Let us check out how we can promote our product using those tools. SEO has become quite important for sound and successful digital marketing campaign. How SEO itself and its paradigm have evolved and shifted over the years, is the reason behind.

Therefore, a sound SEO strategy is mandatory for every business today.

Following are some assignments you must carry out when you plan setting up a solid SEO strategy.

  • Identify your target market with the help of Google Analytics
  • Consider multiple search engine options.
  • Be as much mobile-friendly as possible.
  • Your content should be top-quality, relevant and consistent. Content is king you cannot oust. So never compromise on content.
  • Your website should be user-friendly.
  • A website must have clear navigation.
  • Build quality and relevant links. It would help in reaching a high number of quality traffic.
  • Set up a social media platform that is comprehensive. Keep updating it constantly.
  • Fix the relevant keywords. It is good for corresponding with your ROI.

One important point to note is that SEO is an on-going process. Even success does not allow you to take rest for a long time. Competition is tougher than you think and being idle for longer time can turn everything around.  Search engine policies and consumer behaviors are changing all the time. Keeping up the pace is secret to success. The only case you can rest is when you shut down the product.

If your SEO integrated digital marketing strategy is good enough, chances of failures are less than zero. You would easily take the audience on board, and convince them to buy the product. 

4. E-Mail Marketing

A most simple and efficient method of successful digital marketing is Email marketing. Email marketing messages has been proven 66% successful. It means that 66% of consumers ended up making a purchase. This figure is high enough to ignore. You can stay in touch with the customer base consistently. Let us discuss some characteristics of an ideal email.

Ideal email is always personalized with the name of the recipient and is not longer than 70 characters. It is sent at the appropriate time. Exclusive offers, request for customer review, newsletters, information about new product or products, promotional deals and any item pending in the shopping cart of customer are typical subjects of these emails.

The purpose of email marketing is not solely lead generation. It also ensures to nurture the leads that are already made. In other words, customer retention is one of the major motivation behind email marketing campaign.

5. Content Marketing

You hear that all the time, that Content is king. It is a very old saying but still is valid. Content marketing is a major pillar of the methods solid product promotion strategy. Around 70% of consumers get to know about products via the content medium.

People tend to pay happily for something that they know about or understand.

Content can educate and inform people about your product.

So how content marketing is going to work? Well, there is a plethora of options when you start content marketing.

Let us enlist some of the types of content that you can create and use to boost your digital marketing campaign. Ad content, Blog posts, Case studies, E-books, Images, Infographics, Podcasts, Social media posts, Testimonials, Videos, Website Pages and White Papers. There is zero probability of deviation from success with such great choices. However, the selection of the right topic is of utmost importance. Otherwise, nothing all efforts will collapse.

The topic must appeal to your potential audience. It would be simply impossible if you do not adopt your buyer personas. It would be helpful in understanding what kind of content your audience will find attractive and engaging. When content marketing piece used in specific digital marketing method or medium turns out to be successful, keep it in the record. You can reuse it in other digital marketing campaigns by slight reformatting.

Starting Point of Long Road

Product promotion is a long way down the road. You will explore too many ups and downs when driving. We tried our level best to demonstrate the five proven and renowned ways. We hope you found it useful. Give us your valuable feedback in comments.

Digital Marketing is a vast science with a number of disciplines. It will take time to make people aware of your product and become regular customers of it. Life is extremely dynamic on the internet. So ensure that your strategies and campaigns keep evolving as per the requirements of the time. Carry on analysis and testing and become the top seller.