Five Successful SEO Case Studies & Five Baffling SEO Facts

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Every day 3.5 billion searches are performed on Google. People definitely are searching for your business online, regardless of what your line of work is. It is true even if your business is small. Google often produces millions of search results against one query. Survival is just not possible if you do not consider top SEO service providers.

Top five results on the first page receive 75% of all clicks. If you are not in the top five, you simply do not exist.

Among these millions of results, hardly handful would be visible. These are not results but businesses. Imagine, your business going invisible in the midst of competition. Do you want that to happen? Of course not. 

It is not easy for even Google to choose just one page of results from 3 or 4 million options. Therefore, it uses various litmus tests. Some of the most common are the words used in content, overall readability and structure of content, and the websites it links to or receives links from.

There are thousands of facts supporting massive benefits you may enjoy if you hire top SEO service providers. However, human minds find it easy to think in stories. The facts would never clarify things, the way stories can. In today’s post, we will share three SEO case studies as well as eight evident and irrefutable facts.

Five Successful Case Studies of SEO

Here are some concrete examples of successful SEO you can take inspiration from.

1. Northmill

This Swedish fintech company hardly had 127 views on a piece of informational content about tax returns, before implementing a solid SEO strategy. The main content they wanted to be visible was, unfortunately, invisible to the audience. Conversions were not possible without that.

The analysis showed untapped keywords. They started optimizing their content to match the terms their potential audience were searching. In months, Northmill experienced a spike in their search engine rankings.  

Solid SEO campaign helped them jump from being invisible to 25,736 visitors per month.

While informational post can get thousands of views per day, Northmill went for a better way to capture leads. They added a simple call to action button. The results were impressive. Northmill got 300 new customers.

Amazing search optimization techniques led them to the top three search results under the targeted keyword, and search volume of 50,000. In short, they achieved the following.

  • 1,415,825 impressions in search engine result pages
  • 121,833 unique visits
  • Total of 700 clicks on the overlay
  • Total of 287 new customers

           Click here to read the complete case study.

2. Robbie Richards

Recently in June 2019, Robbie Richards, published this amazing case study, about how he helped his client outrank big names like Mashable. He helped UAV Coach to achieve the number one spot at Google.

In just six months period, the organic traffic increased by 11,065% with the help of the six-step SEO procedure. The best thing is that he did it in a niche industry without spending any money at all on paid advertising or link building.

He knew that what he needs to do is to build a solid SEO strategy, which is based on evergreen content. Only that could help generate long-term exposure, and position the brand as an authority in the industry. There was simply no other way to generate leads and convert them into permanent customers later.

The first post of this successful campaign is a 4,400-word guide about safely piloting a remote control quadcopter.

Robbie Richards has made this article the focus of this case study for three good enough reasons.

  • This article ranks number one, under the keyword, “how to fly quadcopter”.
  • This article got good rankings for several other secondary keywords as well.
  • This article was the reason behind 21.4% of UAV Coach’s total traffic, in the first six months.

It also captured 2335 emails, which made it a prime lead generation asset for the business. Robbie was able to stay ahead of the game and squeeze SEO fruit because of his solid strategic keyword research and competitor analysis.

They applied the same strategy on all other posts and results were amazing. The website experienced 152,732 organic page views. 2,335 leads were generated. This all was achieved within six months.

Click here to read the complete case study.

This example perfectly demonstrates, how hiring top SEO service providers can help you.

3. Ahref Blog

The third is the case study of famous and renowned ahref blog, which obviously was not so famous and renowned from day one.

Back in 2015, it had about 15K visits per month. Traffic was not impressive, despite publishing three articles every week. This was the time when CMO and product advisor Tim Soulo joined ahref blog.

He decided to prefer quality and not quantity, as he realized the immense power of content marketing. Today they do not publish more than two posts in a week, but the traffic has multiplied.

The focus on organic search traffic is the main part of the story. The core secret is to publish the content that people are searching consistently more than one shot hot topic articles. That ensures a steady stream of traffic from organic search.

Ahref blog team has listed four primary strategies that contributed to the success of their blog.

Number one, they just published the content with organic search traffic potential.

Number two, they published the content with high business potential.

Number three, they published high quality and unique content.

Number four, they did not stop promoting the content before reaching the desired goal.

No amount of promotion would help you achieve the desired results if these criteria are not met.


Famous DELL was really unhappy with its global search positioning. If you searched for Dell in Australia, it was possible that first listing on the results page would be for Canada, France or any country.

Then they implemented aggressive strategies across multiple countries, which reorganized Dell’s search presence and increased its organic search rankings, traffic and revenue worldwide. Dell then experienced a 46% increase in organic traffic, 177% boom in the number of ranked keywords and 1,000% increment in return on investment.

4. IGN

IGN is a familiar name in the gaming industry. This video game-oriented website teamed up with SEO company, back in 2003. Company’s plan was to break into the search engine world and generate additional traffic from Google, and they ultimately made it possible with the assistance of SEO experts.

IGN realized that the new reviews of the website were not laid out in an SEO friendly manner. The SEO company stepped in and rectified the problem with its solid SEO strategies. Results were immediate.

Due to their efforts, IGN’s organic search traffic volume increased to 1500% and the revenue also jumped.

Finally, the website was purchased by News Corp for 650 million dollars. So do not wait and contact the top SEO service provider now.

Five Undeniable Facts about SEO

What should you expect before hiring top SEO service providers, or basically before starting SEO? You must have heard thousands of myths that must be busted. How can you be sure about SEO worth’s investment? Let us look at some of the facts.

Fact 1:

90.88% of pages are invisible in Google. Invisible means literally invisible, as they experience no organic search traffic.

Of course, you do not want to be the part of that unseen world, which constitutes this 91% part of the World Wide Web.

A big part of SEO is earning links from unique websites (referring domains) to your site’s content. Without SEO, you will end up in that 91% for sure.

No referring domains mean zero organic search traffic, which you definitely do not want. Organic traffic would come when your website would be ranked for keywords in research and you will need at least a couple of referring domains to make that happen.

The more the number of referring domains, the more the number of keywords the page ranks for. Link building is critical.

Fact 2:

Organic Search is the only solution to the flat line of no.

PPC and other marketing efforts may send you good traffic, but this traffic will fade to nothing the moment you will stop investing your time, money and efforts. High traffic volume suddenly descends to zero.

But the organic traffic beholds sustaining power. It is much more reliable than any other kind of traffic. Organic traffic is sustainable.

You may say that so is PPC. You can pay for Google Adwords in long-term and attract traffic from Google. Yeah, it is possible, but comes with an issue, which we will talk about in fact number 5.

Organic traffic is very easy to sustain as long as you target the topic people are searching for. Before targeting the keyword, be sure that the keyword has good enough monthly search volume.

To avoid a flat line of nope, SEO is indispensable. Get top SEO service providers now.

Fact 3:

SEO will let you nurture and convert leads at specific stages of the cycle.

A lot of your prospects will turn to Google when they have any problem. However, the way they express it would be different from each other. It depends on how aware they are of their own problems.

For example, you have a product that helps businesses with outbound sales emailing. At the first stage, your now‐naive prospect might be using search to figure out the scope of their problem, with terms like, ‘why do my emails end up in spam’, or ‘subject lines of sales emails’ and ‘check if the email was opened’.

After some weeks, this same searcher has heard about sales automation in an article they found and realized a product exists that can send deliverable emails, check open rates, and much more!

Now, these persons are narrowing their research. They’re all at a different stage of the buyer’s journey, searching terms like ‘best sales outreach tools’, or even for brand names and specific technical features.

At each stage, there are different opportunities to write and rank content that addresses a wide array of questions and concerns. So you will have a different number of leads at different stages.

The key is to rank strategically for content that answers very specific queries.

Fact 4:

Your competitors already are stealing your business, simply by doing it.

If you are not on Google, for the top keywords in your niche, your competitors surely will, regardless of what your niches are.

SEO is 10 times more active than social media. So instead of running social ads and trying to get a distribution from Twitter, contact the top SEO service providers in your location.

Even if you rank somewhere at the end of the first page of search result, still your competitors are stealing a significantly huge fraction of your business. Being at the bottom of the first page would not bring more than a couple of new leads every month.

Fact 5:

Paid Search would barely get you 6% of the clicks for a keyword.

Statistics show that for a keyword “auto ac repair”, 17% of the clicks are paid, while the remaining 83% is the outcome of organic search.

The Bottom Line

In short, organic search is where your audience is already waiting for you. Not being there is tantamount to being invisible to your audience. What would happen if your audience cannot see you? Obviously, they will find your competitors and become their leads, instead of yours.

So today is the best time to start your SEO campaign and boost up the revenue. Find the best SEO services provider in your locality and fulfill your dreams.

Remember the fact we stated in the very beginning of this article. We saw that 91% of the web pages get no organic traffic. So what does it mean to you? Well, it means that there is a lot gap you have the opportunity to fill and flourish your business. You get the edge over your competitors the very moment you start leaving the marks of your solid SEO strategy and strong competitor analysis. Good Luck!

We hope that the case studies we mentioned and the facts we stated, help you better understand SEO science and its benefits. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section.