ITOM ServiceNow – An In-Depth Introduction & Why You Need It

Managing the operations smoothly is one of the topmost priorities for any enterprise. Service outages can be damaging for the daily chores of the organization and the impact can also deteriorate the reputation among customers. ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management (ITOM) solution helps you manage all the scattered service processes within the organization and transform them into automated processes.

ITOM – A Brief Introduction

ITOM (IT Operations Management) is a product of ServiceNow that contains a suite of applications that work simultaneously with the core purpose of automating the operations management within an enterprise.

Applications within ITOM

There is a total of 6 applications within ServiceNow’s ITOM. Each one of these has a specific purpose and specialized area. The applications are Discovery, Cloud Management, Operational Intelligence, Service Mapping, Event Management, and Orchestration. Let’s discuss them one by one in detail.


Discovery, as the name suggests, identifies the applications and devices available on the network by using a process called horizontal discovery. It also identifies the important attributes of the devices on the network to utilize them in the best way possible. Discovery also updates the configuration management database (CMDB) with all the information discovered by it; however, it does not create a relationship between Configuration Items that are an integral part of some of the business services.

Cloud Management

Cloud Management is one of the most useful apps that allows you to provide self-service access to cloud-based platforms. This app helps you maintain compliance and enforce good governance with the business policies. The cloud costs are also reduced due to optimize spending.

Operational Intelligence and Event Management

These apps work simultaneously and help your IT Team keep a check on the health of the system currently place in the enterprise, anticipate future challenges, prevent outages, and enhance their ability to resolve the issues quickly. Event Management collects the information about the potential events that may result in service outages and analyzes their chances of occurring. This information is also used by Operational Intelligence to indicate the anomalous behavior of CIs that are skipped by events.

Service Mapping

Service Mapping works as a supporting app for Discovery and provides it with an additional capability to use the top-down mapping to identify and map Cis that are a component of the business services. Here the example of email service is quite relevant. Service Mapping, in other words, allows you to visualize all Cis that are used to deliver any business service.

These apps combined together make operations management easy and valuable for the business. In order to use ServiceNow’s products, you need to get help from professional integrators having experience with the relevant products. TransData has a team of highly skilled and experienced integrators who implement and configure ServiceNow products in your system in a way that it reflects the business identity and syncs well with the business model and services. For more information, you can contact us at and get answers to all your queries.