It’s True! Live Chat Is Winning the Customer Support Marathon

Customer service is regarded as the backbone for the success of any business. It plays a pivotal and significant role in the growth of businesses, where customers are the base of your business helping to grow and increase sales. Through enhanced customer service you can conveniently increase customer loyalty. It is not just to be courteous to your customers but it is a vital element for the successful running of your business operations. As per the American Express study, 9% of Americans favor those brands only that provide superlative services.

“If you are successful in building a great experience, your customers are inclined to tell each other about that. You know, word of mouth is too powerful.”Jeff Bezos Founder & CEO, Amazon

With the influx of new and advanced technology, live chat has become an imperative and essential essence for a business. It is regarded as one of the best platforms for communication that can offer a real-time and prompt response to the problems of the customers. It is found out that through live chat, customers get satisfied up to 73%, whereas through an email is 61% and via phone, only 44% satisfaction is derived.

It is found even more than through live chat not only customer satisfaction is seen, it also improves customer retention rate ranging up to 63%. Majority of the customers have reported that receiving a solution to their problem via a live chat feels more secure and trustworthy to them. Live chat support services can bring in new business for your brand and many customers prefer it more than any other medium of communication.

Crucial Reasons Why the Live Chat Services Giving a Competitive Edge

After thorough analysis, here are the top 5 reasons defining as to why the chat support services are winning the hearts of millions of the customers.

Live Chat is Adding Convenience to Customers

The American customer service expert, Shep Hyken says, “Whenever you find an opportunity to create a WOW moment, simply act upon it”.

There are several reasons demonstrating how a live chat support service is making the lives of the customers easy.

Instant connection with an agent – Without any hassle of dialing a number or pressing several different buttons, get immediate access to tech support chat system through it.

Allowing multi-task at the same time – One of the biggest benefits of live chat support is to be able to do multi-tasks at the same time. Over 51% of customers love live chat because instead of waiting and staring at the screen, they can easily navigate to different sites or the same site.

Negligible waiting time – Customers easily navigate to other pages instead of wasting their time while the agent approaches and response to the query made. This waiting time is negligible and customers never mind.

Opportunity to be shared – The conversation can be saved as well as any links or images that are required to be shared, can be shared instantly without any hassle.

Instant solution to queries – Through an email, you need to wait for some time, but through 24/7 live chat support services, you can receive the response of the agent instantly without wasting any time.

Solution to purchase-related queries – The studies indicates that 44% of consumers revealed that talking to a dedicated support agent in the middle of purchasing is one of the best things they ever experienced.

Live Chat Saves Money

Previously, companies were using the phone and email support system to interact with customers and solve their queries. This used to take much time and was costly to maintain. With the influx of live chat, today companies are using this cheaper means of communication. Before for the email, there was the need to set up accounts and a chain of command needed to be followed, but, for live chat, outsource chat support services are minimizing the costs and saving for the businesses. In this digital era, use live chat support to enhance customer service and support system.

Competitive Advantage through Live Chat

“If your business doesn’t have a competitive advantage, then don’t compete”Jack Welch American Business Executive

There are many websites that don’t offer a live chat option, others have the option but not the facility to provide 24/7 assistance. Gain a competitive edge through enabling outsourced 24/7 live chat support services. The main idea of your website is to convert your visitors into customers and that in loyal ones, before they switch towards your business rivals. By using live chat and quality customer support, you can engage your customers easily. If they encounter any problem during the purchase decision phase, through live chat you can easily assist them, but if you lack in this, definitely they will switch to another competitor instantly.

Save Time through Live Chat Support

“In this modern era, customers expect to get a quick response they are used to receive from electronic equipment and technology”. – Shep Hyken Customer Service Expert

One of the most successful ways to grow your business is by being productive. And for this, you need chat support services. In an analysis report, Zopim discovered that more than 42% of the customers relay on live chat due to its instant customer support coverage and no hold time or delay. Therefore, the most cost-effective way is to get outsourced chat support from 3rd party for your website, where you can easily solve the queries of your customers in no time and saves the time of your customers.

Let us excavate other options and their response time as per recent studies and reports. The minimum time a brand takes to reply to email queries is 48 minutes, whereas the maximum time an international brand takes is up to 17 hours. Similarly, the minimum time a company takes to answer your phone query with proper guidance is 30 minutes whereas the maximum time is up to 24 hours. For social media, an average customer expects to get a response from social media page on the same day ranging to 25% whereas 33% people say they can wait for a bit longer, like the next day. It is evident that only live chat has the capability to beat all the other communication channels in response time rate.

Increase in Sales

83% of the customers require some support when making an online transaction, if their queries are solved instantly, they will never leave your site and be loyal to it forever. This can happen only with live chat support where a technical response can help the customers retain and never leave your site. On-time solution to queries is directly proportional to an increase in sales because if a customer gets the solution instantly, he will never leave without making the purchases.

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