Operations Management – How Leading Companies Found Success?

Operations management is like the backbone of any business. Why? Because all the major activities like procurement, manpower, production, quality testing, inventory, logistics, supply chain, and others rely completely on it.

The “time is money” rule is very common across industries and only those companies are able to make it big which are efficient in their operations. Industry leaders are not born but created over time. Facts and statistics prove that companies which were once going down the drain ended up reaching top positions after managing their operations efficiently and effectively. All of this was possible courtesy of managing infrastructure through the lens of service management. Hence, we can imply that the use of IT is inevitable.

Here, Warner Media (previously known as Time Warner) and TransAlta need a special mention who have found great success by getting their operations management right. Of course, IT has a big role in their success but it cannot go without saying that choice matters. Time Warner standardized their ITSM platform by combining it with IT Operations Management (ITOM), making it easy to manage and beneficial at the same time. In this regard, the products offered by ServiceNow i.e. ITSM and ITOM offered great value for the investment.

The Director of Service Management at Time Warner describes his experience as “With IT automation and managed IT services, we adopted the proactive approach and reduced the number of high-impact incidents greatly. Moreover, we are now also able to resolve the issues in the operations more quickly than ever.”

In this very similar fashion, TransAlta – an electric power generator and wholesale marketing company, reduced 80% service outages by automating their operations. The software helped them in resolving the root causes of problems being faced by the management and the staff during the early days. Today, TransAlta is known to have one of the most efficient business models and it stands as one of the most reputable electricity power generator and wholesale marketing companies.

IT Operations Management

Commonly known as ITOM, IT Operations Management is one of the finest solutions that comes under IT Infrastructure Services to get assistance with planning, designing, and implementation of IT strategies within your organization while simplifying the operations for the management and employees at large.

Besides operations management, IT Infrastructure Services can help with network management, security service, workplace transformation, data center management, product support, remote management and monitoring of infrastructure, end-user computing, and even cloud computing. Adopting this technology will ensure a self-provisioning system that can address the challenge of managing operations and deploy work virtually. It may come as a surprise, but some organizations have also combined the software in a way to allow telecommuting to their employees which have contributed a lot in increasing the productivity as well as boosted the motivation levels of all their employees.

Where switching to this type of a module has its own benefits, it is important to perform the quality analysis at all steps. It is only possible with the deployment of necessary changes in the infrastructure and continuous efforts to ensure standardization across various departments. As a result, the low risks will be released and it will become easier for all the stakeholders to get used to the new system and perform their tasks efficiently.

The managed IT services offered by TransData focus on enhancing the productivity of your business while overcoming the shortcomings in the management thus contributing directly to the revenues. Gone are the days when success was believed to be a fate – it is the time when you can actually lead your company to glory by implementing the modern and smart ways of doing things. The saying “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” truly fits in the context of business as “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it”. Competition is tough and in order to be the best among the rest, you have to be the toughest, smartest, and most efficient operator in the industry.

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