Security Operations – Enabling Businesses to Respond to Threats Faster

2018 saw data breaches reaching new heights putting IT businesses under serious pressure to improve their security measures. Facebook incident is considered the biggest one; however, it is not even close to the biggest incidents reported in 2018 in terms of the amount of data compromised. All of these incidents have made customers indifferent towards utilizing the IT services.

Since IT security is one of the fundamental requirements for IT businesses, it is vital to make the right investment to ensure safe storage of consumer information. One thing that cannot be changed is that data is always open to potential threats due to the heavy reliance on computers. However, the pace at which you respond to the threats makes the difference. In order to cope with the security challenges, ServiceNow offers Security Operations – a security orchestration, response engine, and automation tool that works in close coordination with your existing security tools. It allows you to prioritize and respond to the incidents quickly based on the potential impact such threats may have on your business.

Using Security Operations, you can create tasks, connect IT with security, increase efficiency, improve security response speed, and get a graphical image of your security posture. Here the example of Freedom Security Alliance – a leading Managed Security Services Provider – is very much relevant which dramatically accelerated their security response services using Security Operations. Similarly, AMP improved their efficiency at patching vulnerabilities using Security Operations. Besides these companies, there are other success stories as well who are now an example for other businesses looking to create a name for themselves.

How to Utilize Security Operations?

Security Operations is very easy to implement – it can be synced with the existing security tools in your business model. Using it will allow you to respond to the incidents and security vulnerabilities more quickly than ever before, like almost removing the risk of data breach. If there are no existing security tools, this product can also work as the sole security tool for your business. Enhanced security only boosts customer confidence and helps the organizations in improving the customer experience.

Once the relevant technology is in place, businesses enter a new phase of testing. In this phase, the focus is on maintaining and testing the environment developed to optimize the key business systems. Trends in the industry change but security testing is one of those modules which remain the same. Customers want to change but they are not ready to compromise on their data and personal information. Same goes for the businesses – no business would want to have their confidential information breached at any cost.

TransData offers Infrastructure Security Audit & Testing services that help you safeguard your business’ website and data. We help you simplify the complexities in your business processes that create hurdles in the security of our services. For more information about infrastructure security audit and testing, you can reach out to us by sending an email to