The Importance of Search Engine Rankings for E-Commerce

The importance of SEO in e-commerce is mainly due to two reasons, one is traffic generation leading to lead generation while the other is organizing content in a compelling way for driving better user experience. Through better SEO, you can increase your search engine ranking along with superior conversions, precise targeting, and sophisticated brand promotion. According to studies, it is found out that nearly 40% of e-commerce sales are originated from organic searches, which is a result of intellectual SEO and better ranking. Due to the nature of the business of an online store, eminent ranking and superior conversion rate matter a lot.

Search engine optimization drives appealing traffic, but that does not mean to bombard keywords in your content. You should use the specific keywords that are related to your offerings in a compelling and appealing way. There is a whole science of better search engine marketing. E-Commerce is the platform that requires proper search engine optimization (SEO) to secure better search engine ranking helping the business in earning the profits.

Ranking Through SEO in E-Commerce Sector

In this modish era, the sole aim of every business is to be found at least on page 1 of search results, whereas the ideal position is the top three spots. Through better SEO, you can opt for a number one search engine ranking for your product or service. According to a study by Search Engine Watch, it is evaluated that the top three organic positions of Google receive 58.4% of the clicks from the users. The websites that are enjoying the top position i.e. number one position in search engine has a ratio of 36.4% clicks whereas the number two positioned websites receive 12.5% of clicks and number three drops by 9.5% clicks. Therefore it is important to rank your website on the first page to get the chances of better business and greater profit yielding.

If you wish your e-commerce business flourish than make sure not to lose the crucial opportunities of being clicked while being on page 1 of Google search, especially being able to be on the top three positions. Although it clearly seems that being on top one position is most fruitful as the majority of the users clicks the first link, it is visibly evident if your business comes lower and on page 2 or so on, you will be losing the majority chucks of sales every single day. Therefore, make sure for search engine ranking your foremost and superior choice is top one position but if you are on spot two to ten you are still in safe position.

Best Practices for Getting Highest Search Engine Ranking

The most effective strategy of getting your website ranked higher in the generic searches is using long-tail keywords. By optimizing your home page as well as your product pages with long-tail keywords, you get better chances in ranking your website on the top search results. But this is only possible if the selected long-tail keyword is completely relevant to your offerings. We have Google AdWords Tool that has a keyword planner, helping you in searching for better long-tail keywords with information of what are the chances a user might search for this keyword. It would be a futile strategy to use short and simple keywords that are too obvious. Due to high competition, such smaller keywords won’t be able to set you apart from your competitors. Moz is a website that is helping the keywords specialists in identifying the perfect keyword, it shows all the keywords your competitors are using and shows their Page Authority ranking as well as Domain Authority. Through Moz, you can easily identify which keyword is better for your company and how it can affect you in search engine rankings.

Core Focus on Google’s Ranking Algorithms

Every year, Google changes its ranking algorithms around 500-600 times. Sometimes the changes are too minor, but occasionally there are some major changes in its algorithms such as Google Panda and Google Penguin that deliberately effects SEO of your website. For the purpose of search marketing, if you are aware of the dates when Google updates its algorithms, you can get an advantage in search engine ranking as well as better organic traffic to your site that will ultimately improve your search engine optimization.

Due to continuous updates and changes, Google refines its ranking formula every now and then for delivering better-advanced results along with interpreting the searches of the users based on their profiles, regular search history, and other social activities. By following the changes and updates by Google religiously, you can easily optimize your e-commerce store with a significant change, helping in better search engine ranking.

For creating an impact on the internet and getting a better search engine ranking, update your e-commerce site with efficiency and effectiveness. Optimize your site for superior mobile marketing, establish a strong online presence that precisely includes social media marketing, add valuable microdata such as high-quality and advanced images and snippets, clean coding for HTML navigation, removal of broken links for continuous search marketing, aggressive digital marketing throughout to stand out in the competition and usage of unique meta title and meta description tags on every page for flawless e-commerce marketing. With these tactics, you can easily manage your e-commerce site while focusing on changing Google’s ranking algorithms.

Hike through Optimizing Schema

Though as per Google it never uses microdata in its search engine rankings, but it is keenly evaluated and studied that by including this information, your e-commerce site can eagerly help in intense optimized click-through rates (CTR) and can also provide the additional data that is to be used by the Google for interpreting the information given on the web page. There is no ambiguity that SEO improves in conversions, but being on the top doesn’t assure conversion every time. It is up to you to convince your users to click on your e-commerce link. It must be relevant and informative along with the addition of microdata, boosting your SEO results and chance in increased conversions.

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