Tips to Enhance Personal Online Identity Protection

For the sake of achieving good security hygiene, keeping your account information secure is crucial and the first step towards the desired result. Below are some steps you can take to keep your accounts safe. These tips are not just for people working in organizations but also to individuals.

Secure Your Personal Accounts

Your personal accounts on social media or other websites need to be secured. Take the following steps to achieve full security:

  • Use a virtual phone number for the password authentication system. Phone numbers can be misused but the one-time password authentication system cannot be traced.
  • Always create unique and strong passwords for every account that you use. Same or similar passwords can cause significant loss/damage.
  • Keep your passwords safe in some offline password manager or in your diary that you keep at home.
  • Keep a print of the one-time account recover passwords offered by numerous services. In case of an emergency, these can be very handy.
  • Use two-factor authentication system for all your accounts. This feature is very common in social media and Facebook in particular.

Avoid Being Fooled

With the growing use of the internet, the scams have increased and taking security measures is now more important than ever.

  • Always click on links from reliable sources.
  • Do not use search engines to find service websites like utilities or banks. Reason being search engines sell advertisements that may be placed by hackers to trick you. Always ensure that the website is authentic.
  • Manually type the URLs in your web browser to avoid any scams.

Secure Your Phone

Your phone is not just a communicating tool but it contains some valuable information that can be misused. Take the following steps to secure your phone:

  • Get to know more in detail about the security options offered by the phone provider.
  • Never install unverifiable software in your phone even if it is attractive. Make sure to install software from authentic sources to avoid getting malware in your phone.
  • Set a password or a PIN code on your phone and do not share it with anyone.

Use Cloud Services Wisely

Cloud services, no doubt, are useful but always make a wise choice in choosing one for storing your data.

  • Try to ensure that the cloud services are end to end encrypted.
  • Make sure that the cloud services do not store passwords or any other information.
  • Check the security tools offered by the service provider.

These measures can surely help you protect your personal online identity. In case of any hacks, try to disable your account and later route an email to the product customer support with all the details of the incident. If you have been robbed of your money, you must inform the law enforcement agencies and coordinate with them to make sure the investigations get completed in the least possible time.

Personal identity protection is not only important for yourself but if you are an entrepreneur, it can bring a lot of harm to your business as well. This is the reason why you should go for managed IT services for your business to keep a check on your personal as well as professional identity. For more information, feel free to send us an email at