Top Mobile App Analytics Tools You Should be Using in Mobile App Development

Launching an app is nothing short of a challenge, but once the app is live, it becomes crucial to measure how the app is performing and what the users are experiencing. Such measurements also give an idea about the crashes, uptime, and downtime of the app. The simple and best way to determine such factors is by using mobile app analytics tools.

There are numerous analytics tools available but the choice to use depends on the nature and usage of the mobile app which makes it difficult to choose the most suitable ones. Before making a decision as to which service to use, it is better to identify the right tools that can provide the desired results for your app.

Following are some top analytics tools that have been sorted by the experts at TransData that are used globally and can be used with almost all types of mobile applications. Please note that these are arranged randomly and the number has nothing to do with their rankings.

Google Analytics for Firebase

If you talk about the most popular and comprehensive analytics tools that are used to track app downloads, users, and clicks. Spearheaded by Google, this tool is getting new updates and features on a consistent basis. This tool can be very handy in terms of measuring the growth of the app.


The segment can be termed as the connective tool that acts as the connection between your app and the analytical tool you wish to use with other analytics tools. All you have to do is integrate your mobile application development process with Segment and it will do all the routing automatically. Moreover, you can easily interchange between other analytics tools.  


If you talk about an analytics tool that incorporates all the information into one single platform, you cannot get anything better than Countly. Countly is a startup that aims to help users accumulate all the information at the same platform which will benefit the businesses directly.


For the success of any mobile application, feedback is very important. You should be able to connect directly to the users of the application to know how the app is performing in the market. This task may seem a difficult one to complete but not anymore – thanks to AskingPoint. AskingPoint is a useful tool that allows users to control their applications remotely along with keeping a check on engagement metrics and providing customer support.

These are some of the best analytics tools that must be integrated within the mobile apps to further enhance their functionality as well as identify areas that require instant action. Most developers find it difficult to integrate these analytics tools in the mobile application. If you are facing the same issues with your mobile application development and need help in integrating the analytics tools, TransData is here at your service.

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