Top Trends for Designing Modern Websites in 2019

There are millions and billions of websites available on the internet, and hundreds of new websites launch or closes almost every day. But there are a few sites that remain on top, no matter what. The reason behind their true success can be incredible content they have against their products or services they are offering, trendy images, unique way of presenting a website or even everything together.

Like every year, there are some classic and modern website designs that keep on trending and making noise with its exclusivity. We are going to discuss today how to update your website as per the latest trends and designing technology to help your site stand out in the competition. So, here are a few designing trends that are ruling 2019 and blowing our minds.

1. Unleash an Incredible Hero for Your Site

In this age of modern science, there is no more need to search for a famous model or a celebrity to make them as your company’s face and brand ambassador. Time to get a high-quality image and convert that into a real-time hero. What we are talking about is a good CTA (call-to-action) button which is not just responsive but also large enough to be noticed and creative to grab attention.

If you are thinking about examples of such CTA buttons, then go check Flex Studios, Gift Rocket, Spotify and Prezi. They are using amazing hero images that are giving a clear as well as a precise idea about the services the brand has to offer along with content that is compelling enough to grab a lead for the brand.

One thing to keep in mind is that your site visitors access your website through different mediums such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and PCs, therefore, it is necessary to properly optimize the hero images so that they can look perfect and incredible on every device, seamlessly.

2. A Video Says More than a Picture

Well, what can be better than a large and a striking Hero image? The answer is Hero Video. In the modern era of website designing, a video catches attention more than a vivid colored image. If you want to see some inspiring websites, visit PP-Perform and Mediaboom to check amazing hero video as banners that are delivering the meaning of the site with perfection. Check out BlackNegative site to witness some incredible hero videos with scrollable horizontal banners.

Currently, we are living in a world where websites on the majority are using high-resolution pictures, therefore it is your chance to use relevant and defining video bytes on your brand site to help your customers better understand your products and services, creating a tremendous impact on your site visitors.

Forbes recently conducted a survey according to which the hero video can increase the conversion rate by 80% as well as influences the decision of the customer by 90%.

3. Stop Underrating Typography when it comes to Web Designing

Fonts play a vital role in the website designing which is often ignored by the designers. Instead of using the usual fonts such as Open Sans, Ariel or Roboto, you can create your very own fonts for your website or if it is hard, you can search for creative and unique fonts that are not used by many sites.

An exclusive font will put a fresh impression in the minds of the readers as well as will give you a chance to grow as a brand to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Many websites are failing to convert visitors as their customers due to fonts as they overlook the importance of it.

Using the correct font for your site is also important, with a wrong font can reduce the impact factor of your site. For example, you are using comic sans font for a website related to banking, or let’s think using gothic font style in a website that is related to children’s products. You can get an idea now how awkward it will feel when you are reaching to your target audience with fonts that are either not appealing or wrong as per the products.

It is crucial to use large as well as clear typography for your website in 2019 along with good alignment and brilliant usage of white spaces to give a feel of freshness. Using the correct form of typography on the website gives an elusive hint of what sort of your brand is about to your customers.

4. Time to Update Your Site with a Hamburger Menu

Today, hamburger menus are improving header sections of the websites. It plays an essential role in perfect designing of your site and if you haven’t integrated the hamburger menu to your site then believe us, you are actually missing out on a beautiful as well as helpful modern website designing trend.

The three lines in a CTA is known as the hamburger menu. The design is perfect and elegant, where the header of the website collapses with a small logo right at the corner, making the webpage more viewable with ease.

Through such designing element, the webpage of your site will have a perfectly clear path for the readers providing a better experience in a distraction-free way. This website designing trend ought to help your customers find the exact information they are looking for on the webpage.

5. Flat Designs are overtaking 3D Designing

From the past two to three years, the 3D website designing craze went on such a height that it finally lost the charm it had before. With excessive usage of 3D designs, many website designers are stopping its usage now to be highlighted in the cluster. 2019 is all about bringing the old memories and old school styles back in trend, where using a semi-flat webpage design is a thing of charm.

For example, Apple the smartest marketing geniuses is also using semi-flat designs on its website now. Well, flat design is an element that does not give a 3D design perception. There are no drop shadows or any titled element in the design. Through such a design, the site loading speed also improves to a greater extent.

These are the top 5 web designing trends for this year. Well, definitely it is not necessary to include each of these trends in your website, but we recommend to give a good blend of these elements on your site as per your vision and mission of the brand. If you are looking for professional web designers than contact us for your queries.

At TransData we offer exclusive website designing by using the latest technologies, following recent trends and managing intuitive ideas. Get in touch with us today to get the best consultation on your website designing, helping your brand highlight like a true star.