Why Do You Need Mobile Marketing Strategy and How to Align It With 2019?

Mobile has become as vital to us like water!

Humanity cannot imagine surviving without it anymore. That’s the reason marketers do not ignore mobile audience while deriving their campaigns. They already know that mobile marketing is ubiquitous so they give stress on it in their strategies.

More than half of the world population accesses the internet on their mobiles. Statista also figures out that in 2018, 3.7 billion unique users use the internet via smartphones. It shows the shifting behavior of internet surfers urging us to focus on the mobile-first world.

Mobile first is the marketing approach that focuses on targeting mobile audience through social, digital, content and other channels of marketing. It is the strategy to connect with mobile users through available channels and to generate leads.

Have you inlined your firm’s marketing strategy with rapidly changing pace?

You can’t afford to survive without mobile marketing strategy in the rapidly changing pace of the cyber world. Don’t commit a disastrous mistake that can ruin your business. People prefer to check their emails and social media thrice more on their mobile devices as compared to PCs. So, don’t ignore this aspect anymore, create a strategy keeping in mind your mobile visitors.

Know how to craft a killing mobile-first marketing strategy in 2019

Here are a few tips for crafting an excellent mobile marketing strategy for your business.

Know your mobile users: Customer identification is the foremost step to consider while driving any marketing strategy. Identify your mobile users. Know from which devices and OS the most users are coming from to optimize your campaign accordingly.

Set your Goals: For email and SMS marketing, create an opt-in database, think of content that derive most leads. Opt for ways to measure the performance of your campaign.

Go for Pilot Testing: Don’t launch a full-fledged campaign; at first, identify some customers to testify your campaign on them. It will help you to identify loopholes, catch glitches and improve campaign where necessary.

Avoid Intensive Images: Large and heavy images not only a waste of time but also expensive for mobile users. They consume a lot of data making users irritated resulting in leaving your site.

Have a Clear Layout: Mobile users do not like websites that have a complex layout and requires multiple clicks to access something. Also, divide your content into small chunks that are easy to skim.

Don’t Forget to Add Alt Text: Descriptive or alternative text to images is impeccable for mobile websites. Add it so that the viewer may know what the graphic is about when it couldn’t open.

CTA is Crucial: Call to action is imperative for the mobile site as much as the desktop site. Add large buttons that are easy to tap during navigation.

Develop Mobile App: Where mobile-friendly website helps you at the start of the funnel there mobile application helps you in the middle of the funnel. It creates robust recognition and engagement, cultivating customer loyalty.

By keeping in mind the tips mentioned above, you can create an outstanding marketing strategy to progress your business. Ignoring mobile first approach you may knock out from the race of online business. Keep visiting us for more tips and industry related news.